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Gender is not a limitation in the professional Web3 society, even in Africa. Here are a few women in Web3 in Africa.



women in Web3

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Women in Web3 are a common thing to see. There are several controversies as to what Web3 is, but the general idea is that it’s an advanced level of the internet based on decentralization, user ownership and blockchain technology.

A report shows that Web3 (inclusive of NFTs, DeFi, the Metaverse and digital asset projects) is becoming a bigger player in the professional circle with about 16% of the 3600+ respondents saying that they are workers in this sector.

The report also shows that the women in Web3 are more active and career-oriented than their male counterparts. And that about 27% of these professionals have been involved in starting up decentralized related projects and businesses.

African women are not left out in this as they are blazing trails in every facet of  the Web3 ecosystem.

It has been found that a small portion of projects being built in web3 and blockchain in general are founded and led by women, thus the creation of an informal community- Women in Web3.

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African Women In Web3

Deborah Ojengbede

Deborah is the founder of Afen blockchain group. Afen is an NFT project that is specific to the creation of blockchain solutions in real estate, education, arts & entertainment and decentralized finance. The platform has a friendly user interface and boasts a community of over 100,000 persons across all channels.

Deborah quit her job of 6 years as a top employee at a bank to build in the Blockchain industry. So far, she thrives in roles ranging from business development, strategy and innovation, and other positions in the Web3 space.

Women in Web3- Deborah of AFEN
Deborah Ojengbede

Mary Jane

MJ is a young creative and idealistic solution oriented Nigerian visual artist and illustrator. She’s also the creator of HerCrownNFT, a collection already purchased by Twitter.

Nneoma Kanu

She is an innovative NFT creator whose activities and focus ranges between technology  and culture. She has been involved in the creation of spheres and institutions where people can learn web3 in Africa (which is just one out of the other web3 and blockchain activities she is involved in).

 A picture of Nneoma Kanu
Nneoma Kanu

Akwaa Marlin

Marlin is an NFT artist and her artwork is all about African women and their strengths. She celebrates sensational black women’s color and vibrant spirit that stands out even with modernization.

According to her, despite everything that African women had to endure, their strength is still being shown  through their power of love, passion and an unbreakable determination to preserve, which shines like an illuminating beacon for all to embrace.

Karla Obakpolor

Karla is the founder of Crypto Smart- a B2B Crypto Asset Management company and’s No.1 Cross-Chain NFT Platform.

Women in Web3- Karla
Karla Obakpolor

Women In Web3- Conclusion

The Web3 ecosystem embraces every gender and this list will continue to be updated.

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