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With BLUZELLE- Data Storage Has Never Been Easier

One of the critical features of computing is the ability to generate data. However, computing would not be complete if there are no appropriate and secure means to store data generated.



With BLUZELLE- Data Storage Has Never Been Easier
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One of the critical features of computing is the ability to generate data. However, computing would not be complete if there are no appropriate and secure means to store data generated.

For a world that continues to explore the possibilities of decentralised finance, there has always been the need for a faster-decentralised storage of the data generated.

Unfortunately, the available options—until the arrival of bluzelle—have been a not-so-secure centralised storage system and/or a not-so-economical decentralised storage system, the latter costing as much as $150,000 for 100GB of storage space.


These problems of computational storage resulted in the development of Bluzelle —a decentralised data network that permits decentralised apps to manage their data in a tamper-proof, secure and highly scalable manner. Bluzelle guarantees a fully decentralised database that utilizes the power of blockchain together with the simplicity of a traditional database.

Bluzelle is a dedicated TPS (transactions per second) blockchain capable of completing 10,000 transactions per second. It has high scalability and runs on a delegated Proof of Stake (PoS) database system.

Computational requirements for Bluzelle is low, allowing just any kind of user to utilize the unique decentralised storage services offered by the blockchain.

Bluzelle consists of a network of non-hierarchical, independent storage nodes around the world. A number of these nodes are used to store data at no extra cost. bluzelle providers rent out their extra computer hardware, making data cheaper and easier to store, and if one or more nodes are offline, data is always available because every node get a copy of the data.

The system is also capable of storing a huge amount of data by enabling people or businesses with extra disk capacity to rent out their spare disk capacity, reducing the work of developers and enabling providers to earn passive income. Thus, making the overall bluzelle service to cost less than centralised alternatives. The network grows through crowd sourcing and incentivization.

Nodes are the foundation by which these data are stored. As mentioned, the nodes are provided by the public community (referred to as providers). These nodes provide the required storage space and can execute changes through consensus. However, this is done for a fee.

To be able to perform transactions in the bluzelle network, customers are required to obtain a Bluzelle token (BLZ). This token is an Ethereum based ERC-20 token that can easily be obtained outside the Bluzelle network. This bluzelle token is further converted into Bluzelle native token (BNT) because BNT has no speed limits on bluzelle in contrast to the BLZ which would need to be validated on Ethereum and can slow down data stored on the bluzelle network.

BNT can be used as a form of payment for data storage services or it could be staked by node operators to ensure that they act accordingly. BNT can only be used on the bluzelle network, so customers that have unused BNT or a storage provider who has earned BNT and wishes to use it outside bluzelle, would have their BNT converted back into BLZ to enable them trade on exchanges.

Bluzelle also permits the storage of cryptocurrencies, gaming data and other blockchain data in the network, and it allows for subsequent withdrawals of these deposits.

In a nutshell, bluzelle is a decentralised database that guarantees a seamless, breach-free, cost-effective data storage and blockchain services. It is secured with the latest Byzantine fault-tolerant system available and is powered by Tindermint. It has high scalability and ensures that data is only updated and deleted by the rightful owners through a consensus proof of stake protocol.

Therefore, in terms of decentralised data storage and security, bluzelle is the answer.

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