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Why IntoTheBlock Is The All In One Platform For Fundamental Analysis

Discover everything you should know about IntoTheBlock



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IntoTheBlock is one of the top platforms for fundamental analysis today. Every day some people lose millions to the crypto market. A major reason for this is Lack of Knowledge.

Technical analysis might be too complicated for some people and that’s why there is fundamental analysis. Both analytical methods are important but with Fundamental analysis, people can easily get their crypto assets.

Fundamental analysis estimates the intrinsic value of an asset by relying on data and analyzing factors that could influence its price in the future.

Fundamental Analysis tells you what crypto asset to buy. Technical analysis tells you at what price to buy.

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Both are equally important but not many are privy to the indicators needed to make good conclusions with fundamental analysis. That’s why Rodriguez founded IntoTheBlock.

In this article, we’ll ask and answer all the relevant questions regarding IntoTheBlock,

  • What it is.
  • How it works
  • Their analytical methods
  • Partners of the project
  • Pricing plans
  • Alternative platforms for fundamental analysis.

What is IntoTheBlock?

 IntoTheBlock is a data analytics company that uses machine learning and advanced statistics to deliver actionable intelligence on crypto assets. It also covers stocks and ETFs related to crypto-assets. 


It was founded in 2018 by Jesus Rodriguez and Leonard Boord and is headquartered in the United States.

How Does IntoTheBlock Work?

Crypto assets are powered by Blockchain technology and the blockchain contains most of the information that is required to analyze any crypto-asset, unlike other financial assets.

With the Blockchain, you can see every transaction carried out on a particular crypto asset since Its inception. By time-stamping the information from the Blockchain and adding another variable (social media), Intotheblock can carry out a proper fundamental analysis of these crypto assets.

In their words;

The toughest part of developing this new form of analysis was to build the infrastructure… to build a structure to analyze all this information into indicators that are easily understood by investors of all levels of sophistication.


Analytical Methods Used By IntoTheBlock 

Analytical methods of IntoTheBlock
Analytical Methods of IntoTheBlock

IntoTheBlock offers a 360 view of crypto markets covering everything from price predictions, historical data, decentralized finance analytics, and market sentiments.

They have four analytical methods:

  1. Blockchain Analytics

These explore indicators that use on-chain datasets to unveil fundamental analyses for over 500 crypto-assets. On-chain analytics are broken down into financial, network, ownership, and exchange-flows indicators. 

A popular indicator used here is the In & Out of the Money indicator. This is calculated by taking every on-chain address that has a token balance and calculating the average price at which its tokens were bought. 

The addresses that have an average price lower than the current market price are said to be in the money because they would realize a profit if they were to sell in real-time. 

Other addresses with a higher average price than the current market price are said to be out of the money because they would realize losses if they were to sell in real-time.

Social sentiments are also analyzed, covering the sentiments of the community on Telegram, Github, Twitter, and even Google Searches.

Social sentiment by IntoTheBlock
Calculating social sentiments

With Blockchain analytics, IntoTheBlock provides users with profitability analysis, addresses and transaction indicators, exchange flows, and investor profile analytics.

  1. Price Predictions

Intotheblock uses artificial intelligence to predict the future price of top crypto-assets. They provide predictive signals based on different market datasets including spot, blockchain, and derivatives.

Each model is backtested and retrained on large datasets to capture accuracy and a historical accuracy chart is presented to the user to understand the rates of success and failures.

  1. DeFi Analytics

The data analytics firm provides a detailed analysis of individual DeFi projects through various indicators. Important metrics like Lending and Dexes are also considered.

  1. Markets Analytics

These dive into spot and derivatives trading data, as well as market sentiment for any crypto-asset. Capital markets insights like Indices, stocks, ETFs, and commodities are analyzed in detail. 

Is Intotheblock An App?

IntoTheBlock doesn’t have an app you can install on your mobile device or laptop but they have a web application. To access their platform, use Chrome or any other internet browser you have.

Partners Of IntoTheBlock

Intotheblock has partnered with over 100 companies in the crypto industry, including top names like Binance, Coinmarketcap, CoinGecko, Bybit, Luno, and Coindesk among many others.

One easy way to vet a project is to look at its partners and backers. With support from these companies, Intotheblock is highly potential.

Is IntoTheBlock Free?

IntoTheBlock offers a freemium service where you are allowed to use the platform without paying first.

However, to access all features, users would have to pay $10/mo or save 17% when they choose to pay for a year. 

Other Alternatives For Fundamental Analysis.

Here are the top five platforms that are alternatives to IntoTheBlock:

  1. Glassnode: This is one of the top fundamental analysis platforms in the world. It is a Blockchain data and intelligence provider that generates on-chain crypto analytics to provide insights into the economic activity of various coins.
IntoTheBlock alternative

You can start using the platform for free but subscriber fees cost $29 and $799 for the advanced and professional levels respectively.

  1. DappRadar: This is a crypto analytics platform dedicated to DApps. They offer multichain data and coverage on the widest selection of DApps, NFT collections, and DeFi projects.

They presently track over 11,000 DApps, 1000 NFT collectibles, and 40 protocols. Some projects they track are Pancakaswap, Magic Eden, Splinterlands, AtomicAssets, Aave, Compound, and BAYC.

  1. Skew:  Skew works with market-making firms, hedge funds, exchanges, asset managers, and research outlets to make cryptocurrency markets more transparent and accessible to institutional finance.
An alternative for IntoTheBlock

They have raised $7m in funding since their inception in 2018 and have announced that they would be joining Coinbase. 

  1. Flipside Crypto: Flipside Crypto is a community-driven crypto analytics platform where users can earn rewards for creating in-demand data visualizations to solve bounties.
Flipside Crypto
Flipside Crypto

Their modus operandi involves finding questions from community members and turning them into bounties. Analysts who can create data dashboards are rewarded. However, bounties can only be solved using Flipside Crypto’s free on-chain data sets. 

  1. Nansen: This is a blockchain analytics platform, founded in 2019, that enriches on-chain data with millions of wallet labels. They are backed by top investors, including a16z and Coinbase Ventures.

With Nansen, you can create alerts for projects and get real-time crypto and NFTs insights, discover opportunities, perform due diligence on projects and defend your portfolio. 


Fundamental analysis is very important in the crypto space. Understanding the underlying factors that could affect a crypto asset you’re interested in would guide your decisions in the long run.

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