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What impact will ChatGPT have on the Web3 space?



What impact will ChatGPT have on the Web3 space?
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Executives in the Web3 sector projected how the artificial intelligence (AI) tool created by OpenAI will have an impact on the sector given the numerous opportunities ChatGPT opened up.

The new AI tool will have an impact on the Web3 business, according to numerous executives, who discussed anything from employing the bot for smart contract auditing to improving user interactions with AI.

The CEO of the company that audits smart contracts, Dmitry Mishunin, thinks ChatGPT will have an impact on the security of smart contracts. The future is uncertain, according to Mishunin, but it has the potential to go either way. He detailed this:

“AI algorithms can be so deeply integrated into a niche that they simply stop allowing smart contracts that have not passed verification for deployment.”

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According to Mishunin, a result like this will be beneficial in the long run since it will drastically lower the number of hacks, which will benefit the overall sector. The CEO, though, thinks that there is a chance for things to turn out badly in a way akin to a dystopian novel. Mishunin claims that the AI may also exhibit diverse behavior and act independently to conduct attacks using flaws and vulnerabilities. It will be able to learn and obtain resources for further development as a result.

The executive still thinks the tool will affect the user experience, despite this. According to Brooks, the AI can be utilized to offer a more natural way to communicate, perhaps boosting Web3 adoption.

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