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What are Metaverse Games and how can I earn in Metaverse?



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What are Metaverse games and how can I earn in Metaverse?


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Ordinarily Gaming is one of the major investment medium not just in the metaverse ecosystem but also in the Web3 space and this article seeks to expound on a summary of what metaverse games entail and also this article aims to give a broad answer to the following questions;

  1. What are Metaverse games ?
  2. What is the history of the Metaverse game?
  3. What are the characteristics of Metavers games?
  4. How does one  invest in the metaverse ecosystem?
  5. How does trading of digital NFTs happen? 

What are Metaverse Games?

The Metaverse generally is a system that integrates social networking, online gaming, Virtual reality, Augmented reality and Blockchain technology, to allow users to engage and interact with themselves virtually.

Metaverse games is currently gaining ground digitally due to its  blend of Augmented and virtual reality that is used to create a digital environment.

A picture of Metaverse space

Now metaverse takes the Web3 games to a whole different level, as it allows these game users interaction and trading activities within the games using not just fiat currencies but also cryptocurrency

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And thus given its activities it has highly contributed to the growth and development of the Metaverse ecosystem.

Metaverse gaming space allows for interaction of people; to play and earn and also perform other activities just like in the real world. 

As you could perform trading activities, interactions, investment activities, purchases of land and other assets and a host of other activities.

It allows for efficient user friendly activities where digital assets acquired could be used across different companies still within the Metaverse ecosystem.

Also they pay a close attention to their user interface as they go as far as providing a really clear view of the digital environment with jacket and haptic there to give a physical sense of touch allowing for efficient interaction.

What is the history of the metaverse game?

 The term  was coined by Metaverse was coined by Neal Stephenson and Oron Scott Card in 1992 under the tenet of having a “computer- generated space where characters could spend a lot of days and interact with the real world” years later between 2006 and 2011 some games where built Roblox (2006) and Minecraft (2011)  and this games where simply based on the metaverse concept.

In today’s world Metaverse is generally now seen as a three dimensional space encompassing both the real world and the digital world using blockchain technology, Virtual and Augmented reality as it also tries to create an efficient user experience and interaction using  digital media activities .

What are the characteristics of Metaverse Games?

 A metaverse image

On a general perceptive Metaverse uses Non-Fungible Tokens and Play-to-Earn in its operation but here are some of the basic characteristics of Metaverse Games.

  1. Decentralization:  this is one of the major characteristics of Metaverse and this is mainly due to the fact that it is, an “open shared world that gives users the ability to create and have their own interactions and activities” allowing that they could earn from this interaction without centralized interference and also given that blockchain is a major incorporation in their ecosystem and blockchain is decentralization oriented.
  1.  Digital Avatars:  Metaverse allows its users the access to customize and make their own digital avatars and this avatars could be created using in-game add-ons which could be bought as NFTs.
  1.  Trading and Monetization:  Metaverse gives users the ability to perform trading activities and also earn rewards which could be changed to fiat or cryptocurrency while playing these games. It mainly uses NFTs in its trading activities; to define ownership of an assets and also to transfer these assets.
  1.   Incorporation of a blend of Physical and digital world into a  single ecosystem.

How to Invest in Metaverse games?

trading Image

Mainly you could invest in Metaverse games through the In-game NF^s which could be done in two ways that is 

By trading in game assets and using in game assets to earn as you play. And this could be efficiently achieved through the  following

 Buying and selling of the in-game Assets:

You could decide to trade or purchase these NFTs and other collectibles that you have on different gaming markets as it could also be  traded on BINANCE NFT Marketplace.

Also users have the ability to play and earn which is mostly done when users can play against an opponent and earn in-game rewards which could be traded on other companies or platforms within the metaverse ecosystems.

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As there is a gradual movement becoming more digitized, Metaverse is expanding to take in  this moment and its game also provides a lot of benefit to its users. 

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