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Bitcoin poised to challenge Facebook: A social network that pays you for content.



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 Ever since the announcement of Voice Social Network in 2019 by Block one. There have been a lot of expectations and misconceptions about this exciting project. 

Irrespective of what some detractors say, we feel that Voice can become one of the leading social network within the blockchain industry and has the potentials to rival tech giants Facebook.

Newbies may be wondering what the fuss is regarding Voice! There is plenty to be excited as it is backed by which is one of the biggest blockchain companies. 

AAX P2P is Live Now to Nigerians invested $150 million into creating this social network and they have a lot to lose if it doesn’t work out as planned. 

Enough of this introduction let’s get into the major features of Voice. 

Voice gives you control of your data

Voice aims to give you total  control of your data and information. Unlike Facebook that takes your information without your consent and sells to advertisers. 

Voice gives you control of your data and offers complete security and privacy of your data. 

For those that love the idea of privacy and control, Voice is the perfect platform for you. 

AAX P2P is Live Now to Nigerians

Voice rewards you for using it’s platform

Unlike other traditional social media platform where you need to pay to access premium contents. Voice pays you to like, share and create contents on its platform.

This is not really uncommon within the cryptospace with similar platforms like Steem, Hive etc. However Voice takes it a notch higher with better tokenomics within it’s platform. 

Voice will issue voice tokens to users within the platform and the tokens can be exchange for EOS and withdrawn on supported exchanges. 

Voice could be the biggest threat to Facebook Libra

Facebook controversial plan to create its own cryptocurrency Libra dominated the scene in 2019. 

Voice could be the biggest threat to libra with its plans to integrate a stablecoin within it’s platform. 

The idea of Uniform Basic Income added in Voice tokenomics will help to attract millions of users to use the financial services built on top of Voice Social Media Layer.

This could see Voice competing against major financial payment giants like PayPal, Google Pay and Libra. 

The launch of Voice today promises to bring huge potentials to EOS and the crypto community at large. 

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