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Vietnam Ranks Highest Crypto Ownership in New Survey



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A recent report has revealed that the Asian country Vietnam has the highest percentage of crypto ownership surpassing most top tier countries of the world including the United States. 

Vietnam crypto ownership

A recent survey was conducted by the company Triple A to estimate the percentage of cryptocurrency or digital assets owners in the world. According to data from the research conducted, the current estimated population of digital assets holders in the world are 320 million people. 

Out of this large population of cryptocurrency owners, the continent of Asia seems to have the highest population of these crypocurrency holders with a population of over 130 million digital owners. 

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The total population of digital owners in the world seem to be on the rise as more people are getting to understand the value adn potentials of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrenc in shaping the financial world and future technological advancements as it is. 

According to statistics from the research, 4.2% of the world population currently have cryptocurrency ownership in one way or another and experts believe this figures is set to increase rapidly in the coming years. 

Vietnam has been reported to have the highest percentage of cryptocurrency ownership with 20.3 % or one in every five people owning crypto. 

Although Vietnam ranked fifth for the number of crypto owners globally, it was the top country for the percentage of crypto ownership. 

The high percentage of crypto ownership in Vietnam is driven by utility because a lot of the citizens are unbanked and the younger generation is looking at exploring new financial technologies. 

According to reports, Vietnam has a high percentage of its citizens unbanked. Vietnam has a percentage of over 70% of its people unbanked, which means that 70% of its population do not have access to a modern financial system. 

In 2021, an article was put out by Vietnam Daily which tried to find out why cryptocurrency ownership percentage was high in Vietnam. 

As a result, it was revealed that a majority of the Vietnam population turn to cryptocurrency ownership for a number of reasons including traditional investing in legacy finance in Vietnam has limited access, cryptocurrencies offer global remittance, Digital assets are seen as a safer option as there have been historical cases of government property seizures, and the list goes on. 

More people in different countries are beginning to see the value and potentials in cryptocurrency as a financial system for globalization, while others move to adoption of cryptocurrency as a solution to inadequate legacy systems such as in the case of Vietnam. 

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