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US President Donald Trump has changed the digital regulatory game, with series of executive orders.



US President Donald Trump has changed the digital regulatory game, with series of executive orders.
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US President Donald Trump’s administration clearly adopted sanctions against Huawei group a Chinese technology company; likely on the list of his next target is the Chinese e-commerce group Alibaba.

The TikTok saga continues as the president recently ordered the sale of it’s US operations within 3months. The clean network programme carried out by the administration also claims to protect privacy by hindering companies that could bring harm to the US cable, cloud and app infrastructure.

Engaging with a shared privacy agenda, which the EU has enshrined in law, would be a constructive step. Instead, US secretary of state Mike Pompeo has prioritised warnings about the dangers posed by Huawei to individual EU member states during a recent visit.


Yet these unilateral American actions also highlight weaknesses in Europe’s preparedness and unity on issues of national security in the digital world. Beyond emphasising fundamental rights and economic rules, Europe must move fast if it does not want to see other global actors draw the road maps of regulation.

Having been involved with a shared privacy agenda, which the EU has put into law, would be a very tactical step. Mike Pompeo US secretary of state has warned about the dangers posed by Huawei to individual EU member during a visit recently.

These actions highlight the weaknesses of how prepared Europe is in issues regarding national security In the digital world. Europe should move beyond dwelling on fundamental human rights and economic rules, else they will be left behind by other global actors as they draw the road maps of regulation.

Over the years, there has been a reduced rate on a national security argument to stop market access for global technology companies. The EU lacks the type of executive power for decisions on bans and sanctions, especially in the aspect of National Security.


The bloc is yet to buildup a security policy. The European Commission on its white paper explicitly omits artificial intelligence in the military context, also the European geopolitical clout is still ignored by politicians Keen to advance its national structures.

Tensions in the digital single market and the absence of a simple approach to security were revealed in bits in response to the 5G concerns, as well as foreign acquisitions of strategic technology companies. This ad hoc policy toolbox may well prove inadequate to build the co-ordination needed for a forceful European strategy.

The United States Tussle with TikTok and Huawei should serve as an eye-opener to European leaders on their approach to regulating tech. A European Elite may debate on the concerns about terabytes of the most intimate information passed to foreign companies were prompt met with the EU’s general information protection regulations.

A more critical argument would counter that Europe doesn’t appreciate the risk of integrating Chinese tech into 5G networks and that it reduces focus on fundamental human rights and market regulations in the tech world was not Admirable.

However, it’s clearly seen that geopolitics is integrating with tech policy, the EU is at the verge of dethronement as the lead regulator of the digital world. In diverse ways, it is remarkable that a reckoning took this long.

Over the years, online products and services have evaded restrictions on their spread into global communities. The long waited collision of geopolitics and tech disruption is here now, it will likely have a negative effect on the open internet.

The difficulty faced by democracy to preserve it’s own core values and interests, alongside the benefit of an open, global internet. A series of nationalistic bans and restrictions will not achieve these goals. Instead, it will create a digital misunderstanding at the cost of internet users around the globe.

The ambition of Europe in regulating technologies by building fundamental rights and maintaining transparency is a substitute. Howbeit, if truly the EU wants to build or set a standard, it Should make its moves while others invoke security threats. Europe is a major geopolitical power and must be in sync in other to retain its a regulatory advantage in the digital world.

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