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Upland: Top Blockchain Game expands to the big city



Upland: Top Blockchain Game expands to the big city

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Top gaming DApp, Upland, which allows users to buy, sell and trade virtual currencies has announced its expansion to New York City. Upland combines both real and virtual worlds, with properties in Manhattan real estate, and San Francisco since its beta launch in January 2020. Upland allows users to play, earn from business activities, and connect with others on the app. Each property is a non-fungible token, which also has value in a secondary market just like other virtual worlds.

The gaming app currently consists of high active traders who enjoy flipping properties with other participants daily. Developers of the app also believe that tokenizing these properties as non-fungible tokens guarantees permanence, ease trading, and enhances overall users’ experience.

Co-founder of Upland


The co-founder of Upland, Dirk Lueth, displayed satisfaction over the success of the San Francisco launch. With that satisfaction, he is so optimistic about the readiness of his team to launch New York City, one of the most famous cities in the world. He also believes that since so many people are fascinated by New York City’s rich culture, it will be exciting to bring the city to life in Upland. However, apart from games that feature fantasy environments, Upland adheres to the principles of an open market economy, using blockchain technology to determine real ownership of digital assets.


The launch

Leveraging on the success of San Francisco, Upland New York City offers users a real-world connection that influences people. It also adds a layer to owning virtual property based on a real-world address, especially in such a popular city. This digital layer offers entertainment, an active community, and the opportunity to earn. The launch of the New York City metaverse will prompt the opening of Manhattan. And will also extend to other areas including Midtown, Lower East Slide, Upper East Slide, Upper West Slide, and Chelsea.

Furthermore, Uplanders will have the opportunity to flip virtual currencies, participate in treasure hunts, special events, and entertaining challenges that support continuous gameplay. The Upland community members are also very vibrant, as they encourage teamwork and assist each other in creating real content.

Journey so far

The pandemic increased video game usage in the United States by 75%, while average web traffic surged by 20%. Following Upland’s review, this spike shows a long-term shift towards games becoming a social network. Current members of the community are already spanning videos, blogs, and podcasts sharing their experiences. The wide variety of content has also prompted many to create their fan art and share them across various channels.


In addition to the growing community, Upland recently disclosed a partnership with Tilia Inc., a subsidiary of Linden Research. The partnership will offer more features in subsequent projects of Upland, which will boost the gaming industry. Meanwhile, the gaming app is available on iOS, Android, and desktop devices. This availability is an advantage compared to the barriers with other blockchain applications.

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