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Twitter Suspends Two Popular Pro-Bitcoin Accounts



@Woonomic and @100trillionusd’s handles are very popular with members of the Twitter cryptocurrency community. As of now, each has over 300,000 followers, mostly focused on Bitcoin-related content and statistics.

Pro-Bitcoin Twitter account closed

The suspension came as a rude shock to the Bitcoin community and sparked various opinions.

Some users suggest that the suspension might be due to their use of paid subscription products. However, others claim that Twitter may have made a mistake while deleting the spam program. Twitter did not give a specific reason for the ban at the time.

The Woonomic handle is operated by Willy Woo, an early bitcoin and technology enthusiast. Woonomic is known for sharing Bitcoin analysis and statistics on the chain with its large number of followers on Twitter.

The PlanB account ($100 trillion) was also suspended and lost all 300,000 followers. PlanB is best known for its Bitcoin inventory model, which “scarcity to quantify bitcoin value.”

Account restored

Twitter has now unlocked these two accounts and its followers have been restored.

Willy Woo followed up on Twitter support and shared an email response. When deleting multiple automated spam accounts, the Twitter spam bot incorrectly flagged two accounts.

$100 trillion further illustrate the ban. He said some scammers and fake victims have reported seeing themselves as bad actors. In response, these accounts reportedly asked Twitter to review them to prevent a recurrence.

Decentralized Social Media System 

The recent deletion has resulted in users focusing on the decentralized social media system. An avid Bitcoin enthusiast Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, mentioned that Twitter will set standards for the decentralization of social media.

Dorsey said Twitter plans to fund “a small, independent team of five open-source architects, engineers and designers” to work on the project.

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