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Twitter “Money Heist” Has Confirmed Everything



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Since the most recent decade, social media platforms such as Twitter has filled in as a passage point for building up associations, content sharing, and social interactions for some clients. Misusing client’s data is pervasive these days by picking up knowledge into user habits, inclinations, associations, practices, substance, and area.

Signing into a social media platform these days means being ready to be turned into a criterion for a marketing campaign. Ever wondered why minutes after searching for a particular product or service on Google, ads related to that niche begin too pop on the slightest chance?

Essentially, most internet based life locales accessible today are centralized and creates opportunities for exploitation. One major concern in today’s social media world is how well your privacy and data is protected. 

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“Money Heist” on Twitter

Last night saw what could be described as the biggest hack ever on Twitter. Crypto hackers gained access to numerous handles of popular figures claiming to double whatever was sent to the BTC address given. And this was all possible due to the elevated level of access to information and control a twitter employee has on the platform. 

In a progression of tweets from Twitter Support on July 15, the help center affirmed that hackers liable for the huge break of prominent figures’ accounts had led a “‘planned social engineering attack”  to gain “access to internal systems and tools.”

Hack Used for “Bitcoin Giveaway” Scam

The hackers were able to post tweets utilizing the accounts of significant figures including Barack Obama and Joe Biden to advance a phony Bitcoin (BTC) giveaway which has so far duped more than 300 clients out of $118,000.

Screenshot showing the number of BTC received in Twitter Scam

The individual employee administrator panels focused in the hack have noteworthy access to a variety of tools to control the influenced accounts, remembering posting messages for their benefit and changing the confirmation telephone number and email address.

A twitter post was made showing screenshots that showed how the hackers may have changed the verification email for Coinbase and Gemini accounts.

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Coinbase and Gemini Twitter Password Reset Screenshots
Coinbase and Gemini Password Reset Screenshots

Vice’s Motherboard detailed that Twitter was bringing down screenshots of user-posted shots of admin panels in light of the fact that they violated the rules. Pictures demonstrating access to a few Twitter accounts revealed internal admin details including the number of strikes logged against each account when the record was last accessed, which telephone numbers were attached to it, and which email addresses were utilized for verification. 

Screenshot of Twitter Internal Employee Panel Access to Binance Account

Blockchain and Social Media

Blockchain‐based social media give a greater number of advantages than just security and protection. Cryptocurrencies are utilized for secure correspondence by paying and purchasing content in peer‐to‐peer advertising. The use of blockchain signifies that users gain control over their own content. A decentralized approach to social media platforms guarantees security and data security.

These days, social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and so forth., give free access. The crucial issues social media faces today include counterfeit news,  excessive trolling, control, and demonetization.

A blockchain social network alludes to a decentralized social media platform that provides rewards for online user behaviors, such as, the creation, curation, and utilization of client produced online substance. Through their commitments, clients gain a reputation.

One of such social media platform is Voice. Voice means to give you complete control of your information and data. Not at all like Facebook that takes your data without your consent and offers to publicists. Voice gives you control of your information and offers total security and protection of your information.

Do you appreciate the concept of privacy and data security? Voice is the ideal social media platform for you.

Regardless of what direction we look at, blockchain-based technology and decentralization is the eventual destination for many in numerous fields and particularly in social media. A platform with no central organization overseeing and controlling value.

In an industry where numerous clients feel that they are being exploited, this is a tremendous selling point. Try a crypto-based social media like Voice and check out the experience for yourself.

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