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Top Cryptopreneurs Influencing the Blockchain Technology



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Blockchain technology didn’t spring up from the blues; some cryptopreneurs were, and still behind the success of the network we enjoy today. The blockchain technology is revolutionary, and its mainstream adoption is impossible to avoid. As of 2019, it has over 42 million users. One prerequisite for measuring the success of any technology is its relevance to users, and Blockchain technology has changed how people carry out their daily transactions.

However, amid all the underlying obstacles, blockchain enthusiasts still maintain their stance on the potentials of blockchain technology. In no particular order, this list reviews notable cryptopreneurs working towards creating a functional blockchain ecosystem.

John McAfee

Cryptopreneurs influencing the Blockchain technology

He is a famous British-American computer programmer and the founder of McAfee cybersecurity tools. He exhibits so much hope in Blockchain and is sure that it will experience mass adoption just like the internet. Due to McAfee’s established ties with cybersecurity, he dedicates support for blockchain’s progress. His technology also offers security solutions by decentralizing data.

Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin is a well-known Russian-Canadian programmer and writer. He is also the co-founder of both Ethereum and Bitcoin Magazine. With Ethereum, developers can create a broad list of decentralized applications (DApps). This decentralized applications can run successfully on its network rather than on one centralized computing location. Though its mainstream adoption is slow, Ethereum is still growing. Ethereum’s developers are working tirelessly towards providing a solution to scalability issues, and planning future transactions for both shared network and proof-of-stake consensus protocol.

Nick Szabo

Cryptopreneurs influencing the Blockchain technology

Szabo is also a well-known computer scientist, legal scholar and cryptopreneur who developed the concept of Smart Contracts. In addition to that, he created Bit Gold, which many people consider as Bitcoin’s predecessor. Many companies such as Medium, Ambrosus, and Chronicled combine Smart Contract with IOT to enhance traceability. For example, the sensor that detects the temperature of food in transit records this data to the blockchain and initiates a smart contract that executes a payment to the supplier.


Erik Voorhees

Amongst other cryptopreneurs, Voorhees is an American-Panamanian and founder of Shapeshift. He is among the top-recognized serial Bitcoin advocates and enthusiasts. In a recent interview in Cointelegraph, he made a comment that resonated with his stance on cryptocurrency:

It is necessary to categorise mass adoption according to specific use cases. Even though we are far from the overall adoption of any of these categories, we are certainly above the point of ‘mass adoption’ in at least a couple.”

He is also among the few persons who make massive contributions to the success of Blockchain technology.

Marvin Steinberg

Steinberg is a core expert in the Security Token Offering (STO) industry. He is also the founder of SteinbergInvest, which holds various subsidiaries including CPI Technologies. Currently, he’s leading the $700M Time Square tokenization project, which can increase the adoption of tokenized securities.

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Marc Andreessen

Cryptopreneurs influencing the Blockchain technology

Andreessen is also among prominent cryptopreneurs who contribute to the growth of the Blockchain technology. He is the co-founder and general partner of renowned venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. He is also among many who believe that blockchain technology can help realign motives amongst platforms and users. Andreessen is a significant investor in many blockchain ventures. He has developed an industry-centric venture capital fund. He also works as a critical advisor to other institutions aiming to invest in the blockchain sector.

Jed McCaleb

He is a cryptopreneur, programmer and co-founder of Stellar Development Foundation, which provides low-cost network utility. Stellar Development Foundation uses a unique discreet protocol and reliable anchors to facilitate very affordable financial transactions on the Stellar blockchain network. This blockchain allows users to exchange and cheaply send money across international borders. It enables cost-effective micropayments.

Roger Ver

Ver is also an American cryptopreneur and one of the early investors in Bitcoin. He is popularly known as “Bitcoin Jesus” because of his commitment and prominent support for its adoption. Ver uses his entrepreneurial prowess to promote the gospel of blockchain to anyone who cares to listen. He is also very concerned about funding early crypto startups. More so, he invests in projects such as building new crypto protocols and applications.

In conclusion, the list of cryptopreneurs in the industry is quite encompassing and not limited to this article, but there is room for adjustments as the network develops.

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