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Top 5 Crypto Trading Tools you should use in 2021



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The crypto market does not revolve around guesswork, it is either you have experience or a variety of crypto trading tools that help you navigate the market. Trading the news to understand what moves or can move an asset’s price is one of the most common tools crypto traders use to scale through the market. Sadly, it is not sufficient. It is advisable to go into the crypto arena with an arsenal of tools (whether as a beginner or advanced trader).

There are many crypto trading tools to help you boost your bottom line, create your entry and exit points for a trade, and help you generate and confirm your buy and sell signals using technical analysis. We will briefly outline five crypto tools you can utilize when trading or investing in cryptos.


As a crypto enthusiast, you must have experienced the pain and frustration that comes with opening an account for a digital wallet or exchange. The know-your-customer process in most platforms is time-consuming and stressful. But with Atani, you can have one login to over twenty top exchanges, across one interface.

Some basic features

  • It allows trading across 20 exchanges and is guarantees anonymity.
  • You can get notifications about new trading opportunities via SMS, email, or phone call.
  • Users can conduct in-depth technical analysis across more than 1500 cryptos and over 7000 pairs.
  • Atani allows you to trade securely, and you can also download instant tax reports when necessary.


This is one of the crypto trading tools that give users a single entry point to access a deep liquidity pool across several centralized and decentralized exchanges. In other words, it discovers the best prices using its algorithm and shows users price comparisons. Traders can also use APIs and customize their trading interfaces to their preferences.

And with the recent boom in NFTs and the DeFi space, OpenOcean plans to aggregate beyond decentralized and centralized exchanges.


There is nothing more painful in crypto trading than losing funds, especially sending crypto to the wrong address. The chances of you recovering lost funds are slim. And sometimes, when you try to recoup wrong transactions through a digital exchange, you end up paying higher than you bargained. But to avoid sending funds wrongly, utilize Ethbox.

Ethbox is a digital product that uses smart contracts for transferring ether easily and securely across the Ethereum blockchain. They are currently working on developing this feature across other blockchains too.


This is one of the best crypto trading tools, as it allows users to calculate their tax liabilities arising from their crypto transactions. It is user-friendly and currently supports over 100 exchanges, such as Binance, BitFinex, BlockFi, Coinbase,, Kraken, Huobi, and Uniswap.

However, if the exchange or platform you are using is not on the list of compatible platforms, you can contact the support team to get assistance on how to import the data and get your tax reports as fast and easy as possible.

LightBlocks Media

Unlike traditional markets, cryptocurrencies are traded 24/7/365. This means staying up-to-date on the most recent global news and events is necessary. Crypto traders take advantage of small movements in markets, so being just a few minutes behind breaking news can turn a good trade into a bad one. LightBlocks Media is a real-time news outlet that offers premium cryptocurrency updates for active traders. You can join the telegram group for updates and reports.


Every profession has a toolkit to ensure maximum productivity. So it is not out of place for crypto traders to have a wide range of tools to ensure proper risk management. These are just a few out of the many tools for crypto trading. We further advise that you do not build your confidence on these tools, as they do not negate market volatility. Instead, seek to improve your trading skills by signing up for our trading masterclass and have an informed opinion about the cryptocurrency market.

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