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Alt Projects are the best alternative crypto investments. Let’s explore the top emerging Altcoins.



Alt Projects
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Alt projects are the next investment prospects available to crypto investors and enthusiasts. In the past month alone, the term ‘Altcoins’ has been searched over 13,000 times showing that more people are actively on the lookout for alternative crypto investments.

DeFi projects, NFTs, metaverse projects, GameFi, etc all fall along this category. Searches for ‘Altcoins with low circulating supply’, ‘How to find 100x Alt projects’, and ‘Up and coming Alt projects’ are predominant queries.

Top price-tracking website for crypto assets, Coinmarketcap, offers data and statistics on over 2000 blockchain-based projects. And there are also other platforms to use for conducting research but it takes time, effort, and research to find potential altcoins.

To save you time, I’ve put together a list of the top 3 emerging alt projects to watch out for in the next six months (not a bit of financial advice) in this article.

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How Are These Alt Projects Vetted?

These projects are selected using these key factors:

  1. Use Cases.
  2. Roadmap.
  3. Community interactiveness.
  4. Social sentiment.

You can do your own research before investing in them.

 Top 3 Emerging Alt Projects To Watch 

  1. DR1VER

Dr1ver is a Play2earn video game built on the Binance Smart chain network. It uses a governance token, called DR1$, that allows users to earn dividends and contribute to decisions.

The token uses an auto burn mechanism which makes it deflationary, increasing its liquidity and scarcity. The minimum token balance to earn dividends is 5000 DR1$.

The token is used as payment for minting the project’s game accessory and making repairs, increasing its demands, as more players join the game.

Alt Project- Dr1ver

True to the roadmap, they’ve just listed on Coinmarketcap. And at the time of writing, DR1$ is trading at $0.07. See the complete tokenomics.

Second Alt project
Pecora Network

PEN is a decentralized-social finance platform, built on the Binance Smart chain network, that allows users to provide freelance services to businesses and those seeking them, using smart contracts to create foundational agreements and execute agreed-upon decisions.

PEN provides users with NFTs to serve as digital identities on the platform thereby protecting their identities. Users that own Pecora’s NFTs can join in making decisions and enjoy full access to the Pecora network.

Owners (users) will lose their permissions and accounts only when they transfer or trade their identifications. While this is unfavorable, it ensures that there are no duplicate accounts within the Pecora Network.

Using the autonomous nature of smart contracts, freelancers on the PEN can create personal business governance, unlike the traditional freelance methods.

From the community:

Pecora Network will operate as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO); community-led with no central authority, fully autonomous and transparent smart contracts lay the foundational rules and execute the agreed-upon decisions. Users will be able to earn, stake, acquit, offer or make services payments using the Pecora Network token (PCN)


Pecora Network also shared an announcement stating that PEN is an alt ‘project with a SAFU badge. It is also incubated by Ingress which has been responsible for some very solid raises and launches. ‘

They explained that ‘Payments for services will be made in the native token which means in theory as the user base of the platform increases as should the token value due to demand. Please note the Unique ID system is scheduled for release in Q3 and the full platform is scheduled for release in Q4.’

Here’s the project’s tokenomics:

PEN Tokenomics
PEN Tokenomics

The PEN team remains publicly unknown but can be reached through their Telegram community. At the time of writing, Pecora is trading at $0.1.

Alt Project 3- Pear Project
Pear Project

Pear is an alt project seeking to help autistic children. It is creating a blockchain Game-Fi platform where children on the autism spectrum can:

  • Have fun with peers, and family members.
  • Develop innate artistic talent.
  • Improve drawing skills.
  • Imagine and think figuratively.
  • Manage sensory issues.
  • Learn about blockchain and NFTs.

Using blockchain technology, PEAR can help autistic children improve their skills and also can help investors to earn great money. 

Pear explains that:

Children with autism may have a tough time reading faces and body language but they have an extraordinary ability to think visually “in pictures.” Many can turn that ability to good use in processing memories, recording images and visual information, and expressing ideas through drawing or other artistic media. 

pear project

Specifically, Pear will guide the children to draw. After that, the drawings will be NFTized turning them into NFTs that can be traded to raise money for our charity program. This work will be continuing for not only fundraising but also to promote the information of Pear Token.

At the time of writing, the Pear token is trading at $0.00003. 


Note that this is about emerging alt projects and in the long run a variety of factors can influence them. Lightblocks is not affiliated with these projects and does not endorse them. This is only a subjective opinion stated after carrying out my research. WAGMI.

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