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Top 10 Blockchain Jobs In 2022 And How To Get Started.



Blockchain jobs

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Blockchain jobs are becoming the most preferred in the post-Covid era. We hear more and more stories of people who quit their 9-5 to freelance their skills to their industry of interest.

Organizations have also been raising salaries to retain staff, especially those in positions of high demand.

People can earn as high as $150000- $200000 annually from working blockchain jobs.

In this article, we’ll explain:

  1. The meaning of Blockchain Jobs
  2. High-demand technical Blockchain Jobs.
  3. High demand non-technical Blockchain Jobs
  4. How to get started
  5. How to find Blockchain Jobs

From the first…

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Blockchain Jobs; What Are They?

The term ‘Blockchain Jobs’ is used to refer to any service offered for payment (in terms of salaries and wages) on the Blockchain.

It began to develop in 2014(according to Google Trends data) but by 2018 had gained popularity. 

The Covid pandemic of 2020 caused a change in working structures. People’s interest began shifting to virtual(online) jobs. Open roles in the blockchain space are one of the most sought-after in the category.

High-Demand Technical Blockchain Jobs

Technical blockchain jobs are very popular. This is because Blockchain itself is a technology, to build on it, you need to understand the technology.

There are a lot of technical blockchain jobs out there but here are the highest paying right now(according to data from Ziprecruiter):

  1. Web3 Developer: This is a new specialization and it is in high demand because of the rise in virtual reality platforms. A web3 developer might be hired to create shared economy solutions, virtual identities, NFTs, DAOs, etc. The salary estimation is $78/hr and an average annual remuneration of $162000.
  2. Blockchain Developer: The difference between this role and web3 development is the infrastructure they are building on. 

Most often, the blockchain engineer is not building a 3D virtual reality platform. They earn an average of $136000 annually.

  1. Blockchain Engineer: They provide their expertise to data firms and technology consulting firms. They also ensure that all the applications are secure and free from data breaches or threats. Salaries can range from an estimated average of $128000 to $165000.
  2. DevOps Engineer: This is the person you call when business operations and technical developments are not working in sync. They command an average annual pay of $111,683.
  3. NFT 3D Artist: Web3 is hiring a lot of specialized skills and one of them is the NFT 3D artist. NFTs are continuing to trend. They are useful in emerging web3 solutions and can earn you an average annual income of $75000.

High-Demand Non-Technical Blockchain Jobs

The non-technical blockchain jobs are not left out. Someone needs to manage, market, and advertise products and services to the brand audience and customers.

And this is done by people in non-technical roles. Here are the five best non-tech Blockchain job roles in 2022(salary data is gotten from

  1. Blockchain Legal Consultant: Regulations are a big deal in the Blockchain space. Lawyers who specialize in international law and understand blockchain regulations are highly sought after. The average annual pay is $135,000.
  2. Blockchain Product Manager: This individual is responsible for bringing experts and Blockchain projects together for the seamless delivery of products. To be a product manager, you are required to work closely with DevOps or understand it fully. Their annual average salary is $94,000.
  3. Blockchain Content Writer: There’s never a boring day in Crypto. Content writers are there to cover every event. They can earn from $50,000 to $70,000 annually.
  4. Blockchain Community Manager: Most projects building on the blockchain like to build communities. A community manager is someone who specializes in developing blockchain communities. You can earn an estimated $80,000 annually.
  5. Blockchain Designer: Any designer, whether UI/UX or Graphics, can work in the Blockchain industry. They play an important role in brand advertisements and marketing. The annual salary of a blockchain designer can range from $70,000 to $112,000.

How To Get Started 

For the benefit of everyone, we’ll start from the free platforms to the paid platforms. Learning skills required to secure blockchain jobs takes patience, time, and commitment. 

With the right platform, you can interact with others like you who make the difficult road easier.

Here are the five top platforms for learning skills required to secure blockchain jobs:

  • FreeCodeCamp: FreeCodeCamp is home to over 6 million students across social platforms. It is completely free and offers certification upon course completion.

The average estimated duration for getting certified is 300 hours. The certifications are completely self-paced so you can decide your preferred learning rate.

Students of FreeCodeCamp have landed jobs at Amazon, Spotify, and various top establishments across the globe.

Courses can be accessed through their Youtube channel

  • As the name implies, this is the no-1 ranked no-code platform by Google.

The site is an extension of the No-Code academy and exists to teach users how to build quality websites without writing a single line of code.

You can learn to become a Bubble expert (or Bubble web developer) or an expert in other no-code applications like Adalo and Glide, etc.

No-Code Academy is free forever and you can learn and interact with experts.

  • Web3Bridge: This is an active community where people can learn to become Web3 and Web2 developers. 

It’s free to join the community and classes span a duration of 3 to 6 months. Participants would get a certificate after course completion.

If you’re looking for where to learn web development, this is the place for you. Web3Bridge is trusted by Ethereum, Consensys Academy, and other top names in the space.

Having a Web3Bridge certification would speak volumes for your resume. 

  • Simplilearn: Simplilearn teaches both tech and non-technical courses.

From Cloud computing, DevOps, and Cyber security to Quality management, Digital marketing, Agile and Scrum, etc, the platform is preferred by millions of users.

The platform offers free courses through its Youtube channel but also has advanced and Masters’ level courses for those interested.

You can choose a self-paced learning plan or learn with a group of other students.

It specializes in teaching high-demand skills like Product Design, Product management, UX writing, Digital marketing, Software engineering, and Product marketing.

Courses take a whole year (12 months). Students take classes for nine months (three semesters) followed by a three-month internship at local tech companies to gain experience.

To qualify for the school, you’ll have to fill out the application form, pass the assessment test and pay an application fee of $24. 

AltSchool runs a paid program but you can choose your preferred payment plan. 

Tuition fee ranges from $290(if you pay at once upfront) to $360 (if you choose the monthly payment plan).

You’d be required to pay $100 upon course completion to get your certificate.

How To Find Blockchain Jobs?

Blockchain jobs are not hard to find but you could miss them if you’re looking in the wrong places. The best four places to search for blockchain jobs are: 

  1. Twitter
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Blockchain conferences and events
  4. Career pages on Blockchain websites. 


Blockchain jobs might be high paying but it demands focus, time, and money. You must be prepared to apply grit in completing courses and putting in your best 

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