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The New DeFi Support Structure: BNB to Boost Treehouse 



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The Binance Smart Chain community has developed at a fast pace since its emergence into the DeFi Space. The platform has incredibly become the golden spot for millions of crypto users, as well as enthusiasts who utilize its services in their daily lives. Going further, the community has also faced a number of hurdles as it evolved, including network congestion and node operators, having trouble in keeping their complete node in sync with the current block. As a result, in 2022, BSC developers, as well as the  drivers in the community have offered their vision for the future growth of the BNB blockchain ecosystem and showcase of BNB spirit’s durability, as well as its perseverance for the builders and users. The project runs with a goal of onboarding 1 billion people.

While the community keeps growing, some worthy achievements have been made since its launch. In just 16 months, the platform handled over 2.34 billion transactions from 130 million user addresses. Despite the steady progress the network has made, some dates stand out in the community. This includes November 25, 2021, when BSC set a new daily record of 16.26 million transactions. October 12 is another special date in the BCS world, marking the date when it launched the $1 billion Growth Fund. At this point, another remarkable feat has been geared up by the community as it tango’s with Treehouse.

The New Deal

Here is the new tango. BNB Chain will be the first Blockchain to support Treehouse’s flagship product, Harvest. This product, Harvest, deconstructs users’ current and historical DeFi positions to present a time-series view of profit & loss (P&L) and risk metrics such as impermanent loss and delta changes on a seamless and intuitive user interface. For users to visualize their BNB Chain assets across 68 protocols, all that is needed to do is to simply connect their wallet to experience what Harvest looks like and offers.

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Cross The DeFi Hurdle With BNB

Some key indices have proven that it is not quite easy to do your own research (DYOR) in DeFi. The array of yield farms, staking platforms, liquidity pools, and decentralized exchanges (DEXes) make identifying meaningful information complicated and time-consuming. On this basis, the BNB community is excited to introduce Treehouse, a new ecosystem focused on data, analytics, and risk management solutions for DeFi users. Treehouse aims to simplify the complex by providing easy-to-read curated information, comprehensive portfolio analytics, in-house risk metrics, and innovative tools to help users confidently navigate the DeFi ecosystem.

Spend Some BNB

To boost the support it’s providing to Treehouse, BNB Chain Growth Fund has made support to Treehouse as they recently announced that they participated in Treehouse’s US$18 million seed round raise alongside strategic investors, including Lightspeed and MassMutual Ventures. Below is what Clinton Teh of BNB Chain Growth Fund has to say: 

“At BNB Chain, we share Treehouse’s belief in financial inclusion. Our growth fund is set up to help usher in the next wave of cryptocurrency users, and we believe Treehouse will bring us closer to this goal. We encourage all DeFi users associated with the BNB Chain ecosystem to start taking charge of their financial future with Harvest by Treehouse.” 

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