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Supreme Court of China is Taking Blockchain Adoption Higher



Supreme Court of China is Taking Blockchain Adoption Higher
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The Supreme Court of China has called for the strengthening and vaster application of blockchain technology in its judiciary sector. The Chinese apex court believes that an improved blockchain integration will foster a higher level of digital justice, judicial collaboration, and judicial credibility.

Hence, the court has released a 6-point agenda geared towards the growth of blockchain adoption in China’s judicial system. This agenda will be implemented in 2025. 

Supreme Court of China Set to Leverage Blockchain Technology 

The Supreme Court of China has always been an advocate for blockchain adoption. The court believes that blockchain can help in the standardization of evidence storage and case file management. In other words, blockchain can guarantee the preservation of electronic evidence by making it tamper-proof and secured.  

Likewise, the court noted that blockchain has a vital role to play in solidifying judicial credibility, promoting high-quality development, facilitating social governance as well as enhancing judicial collaboration and efficiency. 

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Reportedly, the court has established judicial blockchain platforms where at least 2.2 billion pieces of evidence have been stored so far.  

Per an update, the court has released a document dubbed, “Opinions of the Supreme People’s Court on Strengthening Blockchain Application in the Judicial Field.” 

The 6-point ‘Opinions’ which serves as a roadmap highlights concrete actions to be carried out towards the broader integration of blockchain technology in China’s judiciary system. 

Interestingly, the Chinese court intends to create a judicial blockchain alliance in 2025. The aim is to introduce interconnectivity between courts in China and also enable data sharing. More so, the court believes that blockchain alliance will facilitate economic and social governance.

Per the announcement, the Supreme Court of China plans to utilize the data tamper-proof technology of blockchain. The apex court urges its sister courts to follow suit claiming that the development will help achieve nationwide judicial credibility. 

Chinese Courts Accepting Blockchain-stored Evidence

China is one of the nations with hardline policies on cryptocurrency. Over the years, China has announced several bans on cryptocurrency. In a recent development, the Supreme People’s Court added digital currencies to the list of illegal fundraising methods. 

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China’s crypto-unfriendliness was majorly shown in 2021 when the nation declared a blanket ban on all crypto-related activities. This led to crypto mining companies vacating Mainland China to friendly locations. 

Meanwhile, the technology backing crypto has seen warm reception in the nation. Particularly, Chinese courts have continued to embrace blockchain technology. 

In August 2021, the Supreme Court of China declared blockchain-stored evidence valid in courts. Since then, more courts in China are now accepting blockchain-stored evidence. 

Recently, the Saihan District People’s Court of Hohhot City admitted a contract stored on a blockchain as evidence, in a loan dispute case. Equally, in Sichuan, the province’s Free Trade Zone Court admitted blockchain-stored evidence in a copyright infringement case

On the whole, the use cases of blockchain technology in society are innumerable. Among the sectors where the technology can be embraced for greater impacts, effectiveness and efficiency is the judiciary. For this reason, the Chinese Supreme Court has set out to leverage blockchain technology on a larger scale in 2025. 

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