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Soullib Is Solving Psychological And Psychosocial Problems



Soullib Is Solving Psychological And Psychosocial Problems

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The Blockchain technology is now a globally accepted approach to loads of challenges, it offers solutions beyond imagination. The Blockchain technology has evolved into our daily lives. How we live, make plans and understand things.

So has the quest for decentralized applications for social communication which Soullib is a frontier. 

Soullib was birthed out of the need to lift burdens associated with anxiety, stress, mood-swings, frustration, ignorance, worries, depression and all that falls under psychological and psychosocial disorder.

Most times, people resort to suicide as a solution. It has been a problem over the years (it was recorded that 804 million people claimed their own lives globally in 2012 (300+ million in Asia in 2012) and most especially now that the world has been struck with covid 19.

In a report by WHO in 2018, It was stated that one of every 10 ailments has depression as it’s root cause. People need to converse with others to feel a sense of importance, acceptance and relevance. Soullib creates a safe haven for its users by creating that enabling environment and also gets rewarded for services rendered.

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Soullib, a community driven solution towards psychosocial and psychological challenges, thereby, lifting life’s weight via pseudo-anonymous, confidential and unstigmatized peer-to-peer conversation.

This is a definition of how Soullib liberates lives, creates the right platform on a media scale and enables the place of technological interaction and innovation.

Soullib offers innovative categorization in all spheres of life for users who battle with these set of issues on a global scale.

Soullib captures Business, technology, religion, politics, science and more, without limits.

Hence, for everyone who uses Soullib design frameworks, from Soullibees to Soulliber, enjoys benefits ranging from resolution of psychosocial and psychological issues to financial rewards respectively.

The investors are not left out of taking advantage of the opportunities.

The seeding phase is currently ongoing and is set to close a few days before the IDO or once the 4% is exhausted. You can reach out to the team via their website or our social media handles.

For more information on how to invest, promote and to be of support to the Soullib project. Kindly contact us via email: [email protected] and all our social media handles. Also visit our website at for more information on the project. Our whitepaper is on the site for download.

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