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SolanaPool Apes NFT Collection: All You Need To Know



SolanaPool Apes NFT Collection: All You Need To Know
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SolanaPool Apes or SPA is a unique, utility-focused, and community-minded NFT project developed on the Solana blockchain. SPA is a combination of DeFi and NFTs.

Since 2021, there has been a massive boom in generative art avatar projects and the NFT niche in general. 

Consequently, numerous Picture for proof (PFP) NFT projects have been introduced into the cryptosphere. In terms of sales, PFP NFTs keep hitting new milestones every day. 

To avoid being another regular picture for proof (PFP) non-fungible token (NFT) project, the SolanaPool Apes team is set to create real utility and passive income for their NFT holders.

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Wondering what SPA represents? This article seeks to tell you everything you need to know about the NFT project, including the total supply, mint date, and mint price. 

What are SolanaPool Apes?

SolanaPool Apes is an NFT collection of 2,222 Ape superheroes existing on the Solana blockchain. 

SPA’s mission is to bring more utility to the world of NFTs. To achieve this, the SolanaPool Apes project will merge decentralized finance and non-fungible tokens to create value for both DeFi and NFT Apes. 

The SolanaPool Apes NFT collection, when launched, will be listed on Magic Eden and Solanart for trading. 

SolanaPool Apes Launch and Minting

SolanaPool Apes NFT collection is yet to go live but looking at the project’s roadmap, the launch is around the corner. 

Therefore, both the launch date and mint date for SPA will be announced on the project’s Discord channel

Accordingly, the link for SPA minting and the mint price will be posted on Mint day. 

Recommended wallets for participation include Phantom Wallet, SolFlare Wallet, and Slope Wallet. 

You should note that there will only ever be 2,222 unique SolanaPool Apes in existence.  

SolanaPool Apes Minting Plan 

The mint date and mint price for SolanaPool Apes remain to be determined. However, SPA minting is planned to be done in two batches, over a particular period. There will be a first minting and then the second minting exercise.

For the first minting, only 1000 SPA will be available for minting. SPA OGs and whitelisted wallets will be granted access to mint within a set time frame, on the mint day. 

Meanwhile, Original Gangsters can only mint three SPA NFTs while whitelisted wallets will only be allowed to mint three unique NFTs. At press time, whitelist and OG roles are still up for grasp.

The second minting exercise is specifically for the public. Here, 1,100 NFTs will be set aside for the event on a first come first serve (fcfs) basis. More so, there will be no limit to the number of SPA NFTs an individual can mint. 

The remaining 122 SPA NFTs will be reserved for the team, collaboration, and promotional purposes including 8 legendary apes for auction.

Upon conclusion of the first and second minting events, SPA will be listed on the secondary market (Magic Eden and Solanart) for commencement of trading. 

Introducing SolanaPool Apes NFT Collection

How is SPA Unique?

SolanaPool Apes is not just a regular NFT Product. Its wide range of outstanding features makes it a must-have NFT.

Interestingly, holding a Solanapool Ape non-fungible token allows you to participate in several SPA ecosystem activities. More so, holders of SPA NFTs will get to receive royalties and revenues for being diamond hands. 

Notably, SPA is a revenue-sharing Automated Market Maker (AMM) on Solana. To this effect, 40% of proceeds from primary NFT sales will be used to build a highly functional decentralized exchange containing a SPA pool for SOL-USDC. In the future, other Solana pairs will be created as well. 

The team then plans to pay 30% royalties from secondary NFT sales and 20% from monthly DEX revenues to SPA NFT holders. 

On the whole, the team is highly focused on the future development of SolanaPool Apes NFT as well as building a strong creative community. 

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