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SIBAN Releases Guidelines For Upcoming Elections



SiBAN, a self-regulatory blockchain and crypto association of Nigeria, has released the guidelines for its upcoming elections scheduled to hold on the 11th and 12th December 2020. Lightblocksnews was able to get a copy of the press release and it is as follows:

1.Election Date

SiBAN 2020 Elections process to elect members of its highest decision-making organ, the Caretaker Committee, to hold on the 11th and 12th December 2020.

2. Vacant Elective Offices

All the 7 elective offices are vacant and they are as follows:

a. Chairman

b. General Secretary

c. Vice Chairman (Policy & Regulations)

d. Vice Chairman (Blockchain Education & Adoption)

e. Vice Chairman (Memberships)

f. Vice Chairman (Projects, Funding & Strategic Partnerships);

g. Vice Chairman (Media & Publicity)

3. Eligibility to Vote

(a) Only registered members of SiBAN are eligible to vote. Such voters must have been registered as SiBAN members (with membership fee paid) at least 48 hours before the election date.

(b) Unregistered members and members who register any time after the expiration of 48hrs to the election date are disenfranchised or disqualified.

(c) Any vote by any unregistered member or a member who registers later than 48 hours to the election date will be invalid.

(d) Voting will be done via google form using SiBAN Membership ID number.

4. Eligibility to be Voted For

(a) Only registered members of SiBAN are eligible to stand as candidates or be voted for. A candidate must have been registered as a SiBAN member (with membership fee paid) at least 10 days before the election date.

(b) Unregistered members and members who register any time after 10 days to the election date are disqualified from contesting in the elections.

(c) Any person who has served in the same office in the SiBAN Caretaker Committee for up to two straight terms or tenures is disqualified from contesting for the same position. Such a person is only eligible to contest in another position.

5. Nomination Form

(a) A Nomination form (google form) has been made available to all members of the SiBAN community (registered and non-registered), by the Electoral Committee to enable any eligible person to nominate himself/herself or any other eligible person to run for any of the vacant elective offices. See attached form here

(b) Until the Electoral Committee receives and confirms all nominated candidates to run for any elective office, the candidate is prohibited from starting any campaign or holding out himself or herself as an electoral candidate.

(c) The nomination starts from November 25th, 2020 to November 28th 2020

6. Electoral Campaign

(a) Every confirmed candidate is entitled to campaign for votes in the community and outside the community. Such campaigns must communicate the candidate’s agenda responsibly without disrespect to other candidates in the race.

(b) Electoral candidates may use banners, flyers, text, voice, video, or any such media for the purpose of electoral campaign.

(c) The 2020 Election Campaigns by candidates starts from 1st Dec – 8th Dec 2020.

(d) Manifesto night for only candidates running for the office of the chairman will be on 8th Dec 2020 being the last day of the campaign period

7. Voting Form

(a) Voting will be conducted electronically using a dedicated online Voting page which will be developed and administered by the Electoral Committee.

(b) This Voting platform will be available only on election day and throughout the duration of the voting process.

(c) Voting will be done using SiBAN Membership ID number

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