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Scammers Hack Website, Promoting Giveaway Crypto Scam



Scammers Hack Website, Promoting Giveaway Crypto Scam
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The open-source website was hacked and the attacker proposed a giveaway crypto scam that required individuals to send bitcoins.

The famous website was hacked and a gift scam appeared on it. Many individuals and groups pointed out the hacking, saying they received a pop-up message promising Bitcoin. The website is now closed and may be fixed while the team investigates the source of the hack. Popup Message Popup Message

The pop-up message that appeared on the website saying “The Bitcoin Foundation is giving back to the community!” required users to send Bitcoin to that address and they will get double the amount in return.

Unfortunately, some people seem to have sent money to this address. The address has more than $17,000 in funds, but it’s not entirely certain who and how many people are involved in the scam. is an open-source project dedicated to the development of Bitcoin. It’s been around a long time and is one of the first to mention cryptocurrency. The website was registered in 2008.

Similar Crypto Scam On Other Platforms

This type of scam still seems to plague the market and it seems that some people have become its victims. Giveaway scams are still rife, especially on social media platforms. Crypto scammers have even used similar scams in the past to break into the Trump campaign website.

There are several examples of scammers using portraits of famous people like Vitalik Buterin to continue such scams. Buterin and others are so opposed to these scams that they insist that they will never offer such gifts.

Some crooks have created fake accounts for blockchain applications like Kucoin and HaggleX. These scammers take advantage of the comments section under the post made by the original account to encourage users to send cryptocurrency to an address and receive double the amount within minutes.

Victims think it’s a giveaway from the blockchain apps or exchanges and send their crypto assets to those wallets only to realize they’re being scammed. 

Regulators Narrow Focus

This is by no means the biggest cryptocurrency scam out there, nor has it made the kind of headlines that scams typically make. That’s because the money lost appears to be relatively small. However, is a household name, it is a victim and will draw more attention to the scams that plague the market.

This kind of attention is not good for the market as regulators around the world are debating how to regulate the market. Investor protection and fraud are major concerns of the market.

But how the regulatory authority intends to implement the statutory fraud prevention regulations is a completely different question. In some cases, they managed to recover the stolen funds, but this was not always the case. Because of this, they employ a variety of methods to ensure investor protection.

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