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ROQQU- Bitcoin Platform For The African Market




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In a world where Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are taking over the monetary space in different countries, there was a need to quickly make crypto-fiat and fiat-crypto conversion simple, reliable and fast. This gave birth to the creation of ROQQU.

Roqqu is a Nigerian-based cryptocurrency wallet that provides its users with the fastest conversion route between fiat to crypto and vice versa. It has managed to be the fastest that the country has ever seen. The team behind the birth of Roqqu has a pretty clear and straightforward mission which is to build the most powerful and versatile cryptocurrency wallet in Africa and given the rapid growth experienced over the last couple of months since the launch of Roqqu, it is pretty clear that the team is just right on that track. 

Being propelled by a highly optimistic and ambitious team of developers and creative content creators, Roqqu has grown exponentially since her launch in July 2019. It is not a surprise that Roqqu has gained so much attention as well as the trust of its more than 10,000 users and a transaction volume which exceeds $1,100,000 across over 100,000 transactions as at time of writing.

At its launch time Roqqu only had 4 coins listed and in the order of their Market Capitalization Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), EOS and STEEM. Since then the team has worked consistently to list more and more tokens such as BNB, XRP and HIVE, at the request of their users thereby positioning Roqqu as the wallet (based in Africa) with the most number of tokens.

During this period of global economic decline of which the Nigerian Naira is rapidly falling, Roqqu provides a safe haven for Nigerians to quickly switch between cryptocurrencies and fiat. 

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Cryptocurrencies as a safe-haven in the face of traditional economic declines whether at a local or global level has been one of the strongest selling points of cryptocurrencies especially the popularly known Bitcoin. Roqqu affirms this use-case of cryptos as a safe-haven.

Roqqu’s reduced transaction-completion time is not the only edge it has over its counterparts. Roqqu also charges fees on every transaction that is relatively low compared to other projects or web/mobile applications offering the same or similar services. Other competitive advantage of Roqqu includes; swift response by a 24/7 customer support team and flexible and an easy-to-use User Interface.

Another salient mission of Roqqu is to enable even the simplest layman understand the concept of cryptocurrencies as well as participate in the highly volatile and promising digital currency market that currently disrupts the world’s age-long banking systems. Roqqu’s knowledge center helps the average person grasp the concept of cryptocurrency and thereby be able to participate without going through the hassles of having to understand the technicalities of this highly sophisticated market.

Among many other features Roqqu also provides a payment solution for projects and vendors willing to accept cryptocurrency payments on their platforms. This is buttressed by a robust JavaScript documentation and API’s for easy integration of Roqqu on those platforms.

Irrespective of the current target market of Roqqu being Nigeria, the team does have a plan on their roadmap to expand the scope of their service provision. This is because at Roqqu, it is believed that everyone irrespective of their country of origin deserves a swift, reliable and accountable means of exchange and the team is working tirelessly to bring just that to everyone else across the continent.

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