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“GenZ brings a vibe to Crypto Adoption,” says SiBAN’s first president

Hear from Mr. Paul Ezeafulukwe on how GenZ would drive Crypto adoption in this interview with LightblocksNews.



Crypto Influencer
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Following our new series about GenZ driving crypto adoption (read the first episode with Natalie Brunell) we had an interview with Paul Ezeafulukwe to get his insights.

He tells LightBlocks:

There is a vibe they bring to the table…

paul ezeafulukwe

Read the full interview:

Paul Ezeafulukwe

Top crypto influencer
Paul Ezeafulukwe

Top cryptocurrency influencer, Paul Ezeafulukwe, is a Senior Business Development Manager with Bitget (Africa). He is an Advisor to Redswan, Scorefam and a couple of other Blockchain projects and uses every opportunity available to him to impact Blockchain knowledge to people with interests. 

Crypto Discussion Group

How did you start your amazing career?

This was in 2015 after I had worked in various Telecom companies as a Trade Partner. I made time to hone this little knowledge I had about Blockchain and this fueled my passion and propelled me into advisory services. 

It made me the first President of SiBAN (Stakeholders In Blockchain Technology Association Of Nigeria) and more followed.

Highlight Key Achievements You’ve Made In The Space

  • I offered advisory services to Dexage, Venhub, Cryptotvplus, and Bifxt, at startup levels.
  • Was both a President and a Co-promoter of SiBAN.
  • Held the role of the Executive Director, Strategy and International Finance, Bitfxt Technology Limited.
  • I was a Senior Business Development Manager with OKEx.
  • Currently an Advisor to projects such as Redswan, Scorefam and Pieme.
  • Also a Senior Business Development Manager with Bitget.

Why Do You Love Crypto?

It is a potpourri of knowledge and I love the interconnectivity with other sectors, I love the whole ecosystem as it is a push into greatness.

As a respected influencer in the Crypto and Blockchain space, what’s your take on the future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency?

The future cannot be over-emphasized as it is revolutionary and it will span through time.

Do You Think That Gen Z Would Play A Vital Role In Driving Crypto Adoption? 

Yes, they do because there is a vibe they bring to the table and this in turn makes boosts the adoption. 

What Is The Biggest Thing You’ve Learned In Your Growth In The Space?

  1. Patience, you are never late, everyone will get a taste of their desired entry price.
  2. Greed. Take profits no matter how little.
  3. Knowledge. Get lessons (paid or free), help in DYOR.

About SiBAN

SiBAN was founded by stakeholders in the Nigerian blockchain and cryptocurrency community to educate the public and support players in the space.

Promoting adoption by both private and public entities, ensuring consumer protection and protecting them from scams. Additionally, it works with regulators to maximize blockchain’s untapped potential. It is the Nigerian Blockchain Association.

Learn more about SIBAN at their first P2P conference this August. 

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