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Ripple(XRP) to Expand Its Customer Network by Engaging New Integration Engineers in Dubai and London



Ripple(XRP) to Expand Its Customer Network by Engaging New Integration Engineers in Dubai and London

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The San Francisco-based blockchain heavyweight Ripple(XRP) is trying to expand by adding more financial institutions to RippleNet as partners and customers so that its own payment system can access it seamlessly.

Ripple has advertised two positions in the area of ​​integration engineering and hopes to fill these positions.

Integration Engineers wanted in Dubai and London

Ripple has two vacancies: a Senior Integration Engineer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and a Staff Integration Engineer in London, UK.

According to the job posting, the former will support the company in expanding its network of financial institutions and providing new and existing partners with easy access to RippleNet via its own payment system.


The new employee integration engineer (found and hired once) will be dedicated to creating and testing new integration solutions and participating in troubleshooting meetings with large multinational companies and their technical teams.

The roles of the two integration engineers are as follows: They must design, build, test, and deploy integration solutions for XRP, and solve the integration and deployment challenges that Ripple customers and partners may face.

You also need to provide top-notch training for new Ripple customers.

Ripple(XRP) Aims to Change Cross-Border Payments

Earlier, Marcus Treacher, senior vice president of customer success at Ripple, said the current multinational payments market is very fragmented.

However, he added that ISO standardization and the way RippleNet solves problems will change the industry.

According to Treacher, digital assets like XRP can grow into a payment solution that is better than any other solution today.

In addition to the long-term ODL corridors that are in operation in all parts of the world, Ripple plans to build additional ODL (on-demand liquefaction) corridors in Africa, Asia and Latin America this year.

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