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Ripple Fintech Giant and Coinbase Transferred 237 Million XRP<



Ripple Fintech Giant and Coinbase Transferred 237 Million XRP<


Ripple crypto Decacorn and Coinbase, the largest crypto exchange in the US, have made multiple transfers with a total of 237.1 million coins transferred, according to the latest data from the Whale Alert crypto tracker,

In fiat currencies, this number equates to up to $108,505,501.

Ripple and Coinbase transferred 237.1 million XRP

According to a report by Whale Alert, the Ripple fintech giant and Coinbase have made three transfers worth a total of $ 108.5 million to XRP in the past 15 hours.

Through two transactions, Ripple exchanged 37.4 million XRP (approximately $16.5 million) with one of the wallets, RL18-VN, and Ripple used the wallet to withdraw XRP.

Coinbase moved the mind-boggling XRP, sending 200 million coins through wallet transfers.

Since December 30th, Coinbase has been prosecuted for “illegal XRP sales” by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

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However, the US-based exchange still allows its customers to keep XRP in their wallets and withdraw coins with ease.

Before the lawsuit against Coinbase, legal action was taken against Ripple itself and its two most famous executives: co-founder Chris Larsen and Ripple CEO Garlinghouse.

Ripple gave up all MoneyGram shares

According to reports, Ripple Labs and MoneyGram terminated their partnership agreement earlier this week.

It did so last month after MoneyGram ceased trading on the Ripple platform due to the aforementioned legal action taken by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

However, earlier this week the two giants announced that they would split up. On Thursday, Ripple began paying out all MoneyGram shares, which increased MGI’s share price by about 4%.

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