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Reasons Why Traders Lose Investors’ Money



why investors. and traders lose ,money

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Samuel Joseph, Co-founder of recently made a statement about trading in cryptocurrency and why traders lose money given to them by investors, he had the following to say:

After speaking to a friend yesterday, I realised investors are the reason why traders lose money while trading, your bank doesn’t give you up to 1% a month, but you want the trader to give you 30-40% monthly with your less than $1000 capital.

And the trader who is desperate and don’t wanna lose you, will agree and start taking serious trading risk so as to meet your demands and also have enough for himself and his Cost of running the service for you.

Some will meet me and say the other company give 15%-20% ROI…… usual reply will always be “go there oh and put your money”.

And when the trader loses the money, investors will turn to military personnel …..not knowing the fault is his ….he caused the trader who is obviously good to take too much risk…

5% ROI a month that will last for several years is better than 30% for few months and losing entire capital because of too much risk…

See, if you can find a good and honest trader that can give you 5-10% monthly, take it and make sure you treat him right.

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  • It’s often advised to trade with what you can afford to lose and also aim for a lower ROI, rather than looking to achieve 100% monthly, even though it’s very possible.
  • Some traders lose gains because they hold a position for too long because they want to hit the top of the market or low of the market, as a trader, learn to take profit when you hit your daily goals.

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