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Losing Over $100 Million In Luna, Here’s what it taught me- Ran Neuner

Ran Neuner shares how he lost nine figures (over $100 million) on Luna crash and what he learnt in the experience.



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Ran Neuner interview
Ran Neuner interview with Scott Melker

Just yesterday, Scott Melker uploaded an interview with Ran Neuner, founder of Crypto Banter and the host of the world’s first crypto TV show, ‘Crypto Trader’, launched in 2017 on CNBC in South Africa.

In this interview, Ran Neuner shares honest stories about losing nine figures in the Luna crash, building Crypto Banter, and leaving CNBC.

‘Crypto Trader’ started without any planning. Ran Neuner says he had just sold his media and advertising business and decided to go down the ‘rabbit hole’ of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency networks.

After talking to his friend who was a director at CNBC about Crypto, he was encouraged to talk to the CNBC production manager at the time. He says

Crypto Discussion Group

We had, like, a dry run the first week and the show, it was an absolute mess.’

Ran neuner

In the next week, Ran implemented an idea to have live conversations with his crypto friends over zoom. And that blew up!

The show gathered over 25,000 views after being uploaded on Youtube and it just went from there. Ran explained that they continued that way till the lockdown.

Ran Neuner explained that he left CNBC because of ‘three fundamental reasons’:

  1. No one was taking CNBC’s advice. Crypto people loved the show but they’d go ahead and do the opposite. There was no trust in CNBC’s coverage of Crypto.
  2. CNBC felt like an old kind of media. For example, there was an unspoken code of conduct to have a tie and a formal shirt but crypto people do not want this.  They want you to be honest and authentic and be who you are.
  1. You were encouraged to not have an opinion. They wanted you to only do what people liked. 

According to Ran, as a crypto person, it was in complete conflict with what crypto people wanted. 

Ran Neuner On Crypto Banter

Ran Neuner's Community.
Crypto Banter

When talking about Crypto Banter, Ran says he’s built ‘the most loyal crypto community’. Following that the YouTube channel for Crypto Banter has half a million subscribers and records over 14000-19000 live stream participants regularly, one can quickly agree with that narrative.

He says he started the Crypto Banter because he saw a need to bring people live 24/7 hours, 365 days ‘credible crypto streaming which is completely authentic’. 

This has not been achieved, but Ran assures that the tools and facilities to do so are wet in place and the team could start at any time.

And even though they go on camera while filming videos for uploads, Ran Neuner says:

‘We think the best approach is just live your life and switch the cameras and just be who you are and stop worrying about how the audience perceives it…’

ran neuner

Ran says ‘I’ll rather change my audience than change my methods because this is who I am’. Authenticity and unscripted honesty are at the core of the Crypto Banter show.

Ran admits to losing nine figures ( over $100,000,000) in the Luna crash and up to 50% of his portfolio. On his account, he says he had a pity party for two to three days, avoided crypto Twitter(because he was being attacked at the time), and just spent time with his family. By Monday, he was back to work.

Ran Neuner explained that he became motivated and started to see his own ability and his own wealth as a chart. He describes:

I’m still on a higher high, I went down but it was still a higher low, so I was still at a higher level… so I’m like my next point obviously is a higher high.


Ran says he became laser-focused on his business and realized something. He says he was ‘making so much money on investments that he wasn’t nurturing the business’ and he explains why, ‘because if you’re making $10 million on investments and making $1million on business, it’s like it’s fine and the money is actually there’.

Ran Shares His Accomplishments After The Crash

Because he started to be laser-focused, Ran says he has been able to 10x his business in a bear market. He says:

‘I’m operating with the hunger that I haven’t operated in my life, with the clarity I haven’t operated, with a motivated team that I haven’t seen in years with results that are growing exponentially every single day in the bear market’.

ran neuner


Ran Neuner’s story is inspiring and encourages everyone who has made losses in this bear market to pick themselves up and keep grinding. Watch the full interview.

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