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Project Goobers NFT in Peril as Founder Wastes Investors’ Money



goobers NFT
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The Goobers NFT collection and the metaverse platform Gridcraft Network, among others, were founded by the well-known Twitch streamer DNP3. On Tuesday, he did admit to utilizing investor money for gaming.

In his statement, DNP3 said that he spent every dime he could find in an effort to succeed. DNP3 asserted that despite achieving large gains, he finally lost everything because he wasn’t happy. He said that after using up all of his personal savings, he went to investor monies to make up the shortfall. He realized his acts were foolish, but he also knew it was too late to correct this mistake.

Twitch’s publisher asserted that in addition to losing his confidence, he also became financially insolvent. He went on to add that he worked with a support group to recover from this state of mind.

Unknown is the amount of money that was lost. CluCoin’s price dropped by 72.25% after the news, while The Goobers project’s market capitalization decreased by 20.5%. According to CoinGecko, the Goobers NFT sold 968 ETH in total, or almost $1.1 million.

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The current Goobers price floor is $21.12, according to CoinGecko, with a 24-hour sales volume of 0.8 ETH. There are currently 14575 NFTs in use, 4375 distinct owners, and a market cap of $307,755.73 for all of them.

Similar situations might be seen in the NFT launchpad, Onepad, scenario. The OnePad Team member Shankkar decided to gamble away every cent the launchpad had produced, and as a result, he lost it all very soon.

But soon after receiving six months’ compensation and 2% of the profits, Shankkar quit the initiative. Onepad made a closure announcement for April.

Because these instances entail stealing client funds, a crime that is punishable by law, sympathy is not appropriate.

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