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Pro football player receives his salary in Bitcoin



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Reports have it that pro football player, Russell Okung, has received half of his salaries in Bitcoin. Russell has been a staunch Bitcoin advocate for years and has always wanted to receive his salary in BTC since May 2019. In his tweet on Tuesday, he revealed that he has finally received his salary in Bitcoin.

However, Russell did not receive Bitcoin directly from Carolina Panthers as the offensive lineman but via a third-party payment service called Strike. The payment platform is an application developed by Zap Solutions Inc. to help people convert any percentage of their paychecks to Bitcoin.

According to the agreement internally handled by the Panthers, they will pay part of Russell’s $13 million salaries to Strike, which will then convert it and pay him in BTC. Russell is also the Panthersโ€™ highest-paid player for the 2020 season.

Meanwhile, reports from CNBC shows that the National Football League (NFL) and its playersโ€™ union were both unaware of Russell’s agreement until the announcement on Tuesday. But they did not attempt to cancel the agreement because the spokesperson for the association, Brian McCarthy, already told the publication:

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โ€œThere was nothing to sign off. The clubs pay the players in US dollars. And whatever the players or agents do with their paychecks is up to them.โ€

Russell added in a statement:

โ€œMoney is more than currency; it is power. The way we handle it from inception to dissemination is part of the power. Getting paid in Bitcoin is the first step to breaking free from the corrupt, manipulated economy we all inhabit.โ€

American footballer, Russell Okung, receives salary in Bitcoin

Russell Okung is a Bitcoin enthusiast

The pro football star has always been a Bitcoin enthusiast considering his frequent tweets about Bitcoin, such as:

โ€œYou can make โ€˜xโ€™ a year and watch it slowly erode with inflation, or you can protect your hard-earned income with Bitcoin. I am freeing myself from fiat. You can too.โ€

He also believes that workers should be paid in BTC to prevent people worrying about their efforts and time being stolen, as it is in a fiat world.

Russell also tweeted on Tuesday:

โ€œIf you think elections are rigged, wait until you learn about the USD. If 2020 taught us anything, it is that the world is rapidly changing. The next decade will be about Bitcoin’s mass adoption.โ€

In all, this is a dream come true for Russell, and other footballers may follow this path as Bitcoin sees an increase in adoption.

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