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Polkadot’s Annual Event ‘Decoded’ Set To Hold In Buenos Aires Along With Four Other Countries



Polkadot Decoded
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The blockchain of blockchains, Polkadot, began in 2020 to hold a hybrid event, called Decoded, for its community that featured talks and workshops on all things Polkadot. 

This year, however, the conference will be held in five physical locations; Berlin, Mexico City, New York, Shanghai, and Buenos Aires. The last is a recent addition due to the interest of Dot’s Argentinian community.

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The conference is open to anyone interested in deepening their knowledge of Polkadot, discovering the latest developments in the ecosystem, connecting with the community, or learning more about the future of the decentralized web. 

According to Polkadot, the content of the  ‘Decoded’ conference will cater to both technical and non-technical audiences and will be relevant for those new to Polkadot as well as experienced members of the community.

In 2021, Decoded gathered over 12,000 live attendees with over 40 innovators from the Polkadot ecosystem. One can only imagine how this year’s first in-person experience will be.

Decoded 2022: The Full Picture.

There are three details to cover for the Decoded conference:

1. The submission of proposals.

2. The voting on proposals.

3. Attendance of the event.

Submission Of Proposals

To give a presentation during the Decoded event, speakers would have to submit proposals to be voted on by the Dot community. Certain criteria are required to be met before proposals are considered as eligible to be voted on by the community.

Although submission for this year’s event has closed, you should note that there are eligibility criteria.

Voting On Decoded Proposals

Polkadot ensures that up to two-thirds of the presentation during the Decoded conference are chosen by the community votes. Instructions on how to vote are shared to the community once the time for submission of proposals is over.

Attendance Of The Decoded Conference.

The Decoded conference will be held for two days (June 29th and 30th). It will also be hosted in five countries across four continents. In-person attendance requires a ticket but virtual attendance is free and the audience will view it through an engaging video live stream.


Polkadot continues to build an all inclusive ecosystem where sustainable culture can thrive within the blockchain. The successful lease of new parachains slot and with over 129 million $Dot raised, the outcome of the Decoded conference is sure to have a positive impact on the project’s roadmap.

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