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Over the years, cryptocurrency has penetrated a variety of businesses, providing users with the unique capacity to micro-monetize their actions. Play-to-earn gaming, along with music streaming earnings ( listen-and-earn ), has been the pioneer for this type of cryptocurrency integration.

Fountain, a value-for-money podcasting platform, launched a new partnership with ZEBEDEE, a financial services firm that helps monetize games and apps, on January 24th, to enable Bitcoin micropayments for podcast listeners.

Oscar Merry, Fountain’s founder and CEO, described the opportunity to listen to a podcast while earning money as a strong combination and the future of content development.

“A few years from now, we’ll look back at paid subscriptions for content platforms that aren’t related to how much we actually use those platforms and laugh at how basic and inefficient it was. ”

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Furthermore, thanks to the collaboration with ZEBEDEE, consumers don’t need to know anything about cryptocurrency to benefit from the benefits via debit and credit card connections.

He continued by emphasizing how the value of a platform increases with each minute spent viewing advertisements and consuming or creating content.

“Why shouldn’t you participate in the financial upside of the value you create on the platform?”

Adoption of newer technologies slows down as developers continue to emphasize utility in new protocols. A recent “listen-and-earn” campaign targeted the electronic music sector in an effort to establish a common currency among festival goers, club patrons, and fans.

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