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Pantera Capital: At $6bn Blockchain-Focused Venture Capital AUM



Pantera Capital

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The investment firm, Pantera Capital led a series A funding round for Ondo Finance, a for-profit Defi trading company, and raised a total of $24m in April.

Pantera Capital continues to thrive in the blockchain ecosystem and has recorded over 65900% on its venture fund since its inception.

What Is Pantera Capital?

Contrary to popular sentiment that it is a venture capital firm, Pantera Capital is an investment firm specializing in digital currencies and companies in the blockchain space. 

It was founded by Dan Moore, a Goldman Sach’s bond trader in 2003 but started to focus on the Blockchain space in013. 

Notable to note is that Pantera Capital is the “first U.S. institutional asset manager focused exclusively on blockchain”. Pantera continues to invest in blockchain infrastructures like exchanges, custodians, institutional trading tools, and decentralized finance. Its portfolio features stakes in Coinbase, FTX, Polkadot, and others.

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Why Are There VC Investments And Funds In The Blockchain Space? 

Venture capitalists (VCs) play a key role in the Blockchain space and although most capital is raised through token sales rather than equity, the restrictions on marketing cryptocurrencies on internet platforms require that crypto projects take a different marketing approach.

One way to do this is through influencer marketing. Through their influence, VCs can offer projects great marketing exposure and in turn earn from it.

Venture Capitalist funds (VC funds) are similar to VC investments but are not companies, rather they are a finance pool created by firms to invest in crypto/blockchain projects. It is in this category that Pantera Capital belongs.

The Investment Trail At Pantera Capital

In 2013, a time when Bitcoin was still a curiosity and trading at $65, Pantera launched its first crypto venture capital fund called Pantera Bitcoin fund. This fund today has yielded over 65,900% since its inception.

Also in that same year, Pantera launched its Blockchain-only fund called Pantera Venture Fund 1. Over the years, Fund II and Fund III have been created as well.

Pantera Capital was the first to offer an early-stage token fund allowing investors to buy new, vetted tokens during the private sale at a discount to the listing price. This started in 2017.

The liquid token fund by Pantera was also launched in 2017. This fund is provided for investors who would like Pantera to trade on their behalf.

The Different Funds Operated By Pantera Capital.

The firm offers six types of funds:

FundStatusMinimum Capital
Select FundActive$1,000,000
Blockchain FundActive$1,000,000
Liquid Token FundActive$100,000
Early Stage Token FundActive$250,000
Bitcoin FundActive$100,000
Venture FundClosedUnknown
The Pantera Fund Types

Investments have different performance and management fees and are open to different investor types. 

Crunchbase statistics show that Pantera has 188 investments, the most recent being VALR, Ondo Finance, Oxlabs, Metalend, Hedge, CoinDCX, and Leap Wallet. Pantera has also made 18 exits and has realized $125m from $23m of invested capital from its Venture fund. 

Pantera Capital has $6bn in Assets Under Management (AUM). A decent increase from the $5.6bn at the beginning of the first quarter of the year, as captured by Bloomberg.

Joining The Pantera Network

Outside the funds, you can be a part of the Pantera network by applying to jobs within the network. 

Applications are not limited to Pantera Capital and you can find other hiring companies within the Pantera network to apply to.


Like Dan Moore, founder of Pantera Capital, rightly said last year in their blockchain letter; There are two huge shifts-one in demand, one in supply-both upwards. The blockchain space is proving over and over that it can accommodate paradigm shifts and does so by supporting every category of industry specialization. The advent of complete adoption is only a matter of time.

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