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Opposition Politician Files Lawsuit Against El Salvador Bitcoin Adoption



Opposition Politician Files Lawsuit Against El Salvador Bitcoin Adoption

A civic group in El Salvador, led by opposition politician Jaime Guevara has filed a lawsuit against the country over the use of Bitcoin as legal tender.

Guevara, a member of the opposition National Liberation Front Farabundo Martí (FMLN), stated that the law-making Bitcoin legal tender is unconstitutional. At the same time, members of the citizen group stated that there was no “legal basis” for using cryptocurrency as legal tender. One member called the law “a decree lacking legality, lacking foundation, without considering the significance and harmful effects that such a law will cause to this country.” 

It seems that most Salvadoran citizens disapprove of this latest bitcoin move. According to a survey by the Salvadoran Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 80% of Salvadorans would not accept Bitcoin payments.

This move is in response to the recent adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender by El Salvador. El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele first spoke about these benefits at the recent Bitcoin conference in Miami. These include increasing employment and increasing investment in El Salvador.

A Test For The Constitutional Chamber

Guevara said this will be a test for the Constitutional Court judge appointed by the ruling New Ideas Party on May 1. 

“We are going to put this Chamber to the test to see what response they are going to give to the public.”

said Guevara

However, others see this move as more calculated. Attorney Salvador Enrique assumes that the ruling party could have initiated these lawsuits indirectly. He said they might have done this to check the legitimacy of the law so the Constitutional Court questioned it but ultimately received support. On the contrary, Anaya also stated that they did not know how to implement the law, which is why “they will try to make it unconstitutional themselves”.

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