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Opera Enables NFT minting feature 

Popular web browser Opera has just announced that NFT minting will now be possible on its platform 



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Popular web browser Opera has just announced that NFT minting will now be possible on its platform 

Opera’s NFT feature

The platform integrated web3 features earlier this year like the web3 browser beta version which launched on mac windows and android in January, and the iPhone and iPad versions which launched in April this year.

With this Opera NFT minting feature, Opera users will be able to mint NFTs directly from the platform’s interface through a drag-and-drop feature that allows users to drag pictures and drop them into the platform which writes the smart contracts and converts those images into NFTs.

This was made possible through a partnership with Alteon launchpad, a  web3 creator-based ecosystem. With Alteon, the NFT minting feature was made a reality.

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According to a spokesperson from opera, Susie Batt said that this new feature would not have any minting fees attached to its service. It is going to be completely free for users. 

Back in April, opera launched its NFT tracking platform Degen knows which is an analytics tool that allows users to track NFT prices in real-time. This tool allows users to access data, on-chain, and off-chain in the best possible way. Users can also track whale wallets and big movers in the space. 

Degen knows was one of many web3 implementations Opera made. Opera has also 

integrated popular projects like Near, Fantom, polygon, and Elrond blockchains into its network.

Web2 companies moving into web3

Web 2 companies are slowly recognizing the power of web3 and blockchain technology. A few months back, Reddit, a social media platform with millions of users integrated the polygon blockchain to launch its digital collectibles also known as Reddit avatars that aimed to create a community-powered ecosystem within its platform.

 This saw over 3 million users hop on the web3 bandwagon in less than 4 months. 

Nike is also launching its swoosh NFT platform that will allow its users to trade sneakers within the platform.

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