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Opensea: Discord Server Suffers a Mild Attack



Opensea Discord Server Suffers a Mild Attack
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Opensea experienced an unfortunate security breach in its Discord server. The NFT platform further urged its users to avoid clicking on unverified links in the discord server. 

Following the tweets shared by OpenSea on May 6, 2022, it is evident that the platform’s discord channel has been compromised and infiltrated by hackers. 

Also, a security firm, PeckShield took to Twitter to confirm the hacking incident. 

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As you would expect, some unsuspecting users have been exploited. However, the impact is low according to reports.

The NFT marketplace first wrote, “We are currently investigating a potential vulnerability in our Discord, please do not click on any links in the Discord.” 

An hour later, the account tweeted, “Do not click links in our Discord. We are continuing to investigate this situation and will share information as we have it.”

Opensea Discord Attacked: The Story

Here’s what happened and the aftermath:

Opensea Discord Hacked
  • a hacker posted malicious links on Opensea’s discord channels, in the late hours of May 5, 2022
  • The hacking activity came in the guise of a free mint, claiming to be in partnership with Youtube. Of course, it was a fake NFT project named ‘Youtube Genesis Mint Pass’
  • malicious links, bots, and accounts were immediately deleted and removed from the server’ by the team
  • no such malicious activity has been seen on the server since 4:30 am ET
  • in what is called a mild consequence, less than 10 wallets were exploited
  • and less than 10 ETH worth of items are reported to have been stolen
  • Opensea promises to continue the investigation as well as update the community subsequently
  • for now, stay safe!

The Rise of Discord Servers Attacks

Cases of discord servers being attacked weren’t rampant years ago. In recent times, free mints of NFTs have been the order of the day. As a result, the discord app has recorded increased activities as users press hard to get whitelist spots in NFT projects. 

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On the other hand, hackers see this as an opportunity to exploit some inexperienced and gullible NFT enthusiasts. 

In April 2022, the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s Discord server was compromised. Using a phishing link, the hacker snaffled a certain user’s Mutant Ape NFT. 

Therefore, as we pursue whitelists and free mint opportunities, it is pertinent to be on the lookout for scam NFT projects. 

At a later date, Opensea wrote that the phishing attack was resolved, reiterating that the impact of the attack was mild. In furtherance, the NFT platform urged its users to stay security alert. For safety purposes, the team at Opensea compiled “tips and tricks to stay safe on Discord” and other community channels for its users to read.

PS: This story was updated on May 11, 2022.

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