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One Reason Why You Should Invest in Crypto with LightBlocks



One Reason Why You Should Invest in Crypto with LightBlocks

Over the last few years, cryptocurrencies have gradually become part of our financial system. The crypto sector has made so many people financially independent. A decade ago, Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the first-ever cryptocurrency to bypass the traditional banking system. Now you have the opportunity to invest in crypto with LightBlocks.

Over the last few years, we have seen a lot of developments in the crypto space. We have seen the rise of ICOs, DeFi, scalable networks, and of recent, NFTs. The crypto sector provides many ways to earn from it.

The Asymmetric Nature of Cryptocurrencies

One aspect of crypto that people love is its asymmetric nature. What does it mean? It means that the risk to investing in crypto and the gains are not symmetrical. Whatever you invest in a crypto is what you stand to lose. However, the profit you can make from a single investment can not be underestimated. How does asymmetric investing work? 

Let’s say you decide to invest $100 into crypto. You only stand to lose $100. However, you can make profits above $1000 with that single investment.  With asymmetric investment, you can turn $1000 to well over $100,000 while you stand to lose the $1000 you invested. 

Why Invest in Crypto Now? 

Imagine you make a net worth of $200,000 from your job or business and you decide to invest 5% of your total net worth into cryptocurrencies. Five percent of your total net worth equals $10,000. What you stand to lose is just $10,000. However, in the right project, your $10,000 could make ten times your initial investment. Your $10,000 investment could be worth $100,000.

What you stand to lose is far less compared to what you stand to gain when you invest in cryptocurrencies. Imagine if you had invested $10,000 in January 2017, you would have $306,404 today. What if you invested in Binance Coin (BNB) in January 2019? Within the space of two years, your $10,000 would be worth $469,956. That’s a huge ROI on your investment from just 5% of your net worth. Do you see why you need to invest in crypto now more than ever? What’s more, this is all the more reason why you need to invest in crypto with LightBlocks.

Invest in Crypto with LightBlocks

LightBlocks is a leading cryptocurrency training and capital investment company, on a mission to drive blockchain and crypto education across the globe and to increase access to secure crypto investment opportunities. LightBlocks offers you many opportunities to learn about cryptocurrencies, how to make profits from trading, and our investment plans. There is a range of plans created to fit your budget or needs. 

LightBlocks Standard Plan

The standard plan gives you a monthly ROI of 5% when you invest a minimum of $100 or 50,000 naira. You get the option to receive your ROI in crypto or fiat. Features of the standard plan include; 

  • 5% ROI Monthly
  • Risk-Free Investment
  • Paid in Cryptocurrency & Fiat
  • Guaranteed Cashback

Virtual Trading Plan

With our Virtual Plan, we trade remotely for you from your account. We do all the work; you just sit back and watch your money grows.

  • 60% ROI on Profit Made
  • Risk-Free Investment
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Lifestyle Plan

LightBlocks Lifestyle plan offers you a new option and an efficient way to pay your house rent without any hassle, by doing it the smart way, not the hard way.

With our lifestyle plan, you can invest just 50% of your annual house rent with us, 10 months before when it’s due, and be rest assured that we’ve got your rent covered for the next three years!

You have the chance to get the best ROI for your financial investments with LightBlocks. If you’re interested in learning how to trade or letting us trade for you, contact us to get started.

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