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Uk Based Fintech Company OMG, Plans P2P Payment: Offers Digital Banking and Rewards Everyday Spending.



OMG, Uk Based Fintech Company, Plans P2P Payment & Digital Banking
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OMG, a UK based fintech firm officially launched its platform on June 10, 2020.

The company made this known via twitter that it is a Fintech startup looking to provide our customers with day-to-day current accounts that will give instant cashback discounts for up to 50% of the purchase price.”

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OMG stated that this solution will be championed by thousands of merchants all over the UK.

The London- based firm announced that it successfully raised seed round funding last year, which will help in its preliminary testing stage.

The firm declare:

“OMG is not a modern bank. It is much better.”

OMG accounts provide you with a payment card, UK account and sort code,P2P payment and support for banking transfers.OMG offers customers cashback discounts for online and offline transactions through its various merchants in the UK.

The OMG team noted that it was on a mission to build a digital banking product that will provide you, our customers, significant monetary benefits on your typical day-to-day spending.

The firm added added that its aim is to simplify the process of receiving instant cashback.”

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Customers only need to complete a transaction using their OMG card to get chargeback incentives the fintech firm said. When payment is completed, the organisation pays your cash back incentives directly to clients accounts.

“We want to create an account that provides customers real benefits daily and is not just a money management tool.” OMG noted

According to OMG’s research an average user can make up to £1000 as cashback in a year for patronising them.

The company has said that it will be providing about 20,000 accounts to London residents, who will qualify to receive instant cashback benefits up to 50% from over 700 of its merchants across cities.

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