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OKEx Founder Rumoured Release Caused OKB Coin Rose to 13%



OKEx Founder Rumoured Release Caused OKB Coin Rose to 13%

Rumour has it that the Chinese authorities let go of OKEx founder Mingxing Xu, the OKB that promotes the development of the Chinese cryptocurrency exchange OKEx, which is up 13% today.

The exchange reported that it lost contact with Xu on October 16. This resulted in all withdrawals on the trading account being suspended.

Last month, OKEx denied these negative traits and denied rumours that Xu was arrested for money laundering. Even OKEx believes the news of their founder’s arrest is “false news”.

A cryptocurrency reporter from China Wu Blockchain published rumours yesterday that Xu has “freedom”.

And there are reports that the Chinese police have not yet decided whether to end the investigation or to release him on bail before the trial.

OKEx Coin More Than 13% Higher Than the Opening Price

Despite these rumours, OKB is still more than 13% higher than the UT 0:00 opening price of $ 4.80. Others changed hands in the final test for about $ 5.48. The token has grown by more than 17% this week.

The token has reportedly fallen about 30% after the withdrawal suspension was announced in mid-October.

On Monday, OKB’s daily transaction volume was $ 56 million. According to indicators from data analytics website CoinMarketCap, traders today transferred OKB worth $ 143 million.

Even if OKB’s price rose, OKEx did not allow withdrawals on exchanges until recently. It seems we’ll have to wait longer to finish.

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