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Nigerian Hedge Fund Manager, Samuel Joseph, shows 90 days Trading Results in Dubai



Nigerian Hedge Fund Manager, Samuel Joseph , shows 90 days Profit of $180,000 to Dubai investors
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Cryptocurrency adoption in Africa has been on a  steady upward ride within the past 10 years, with Nigeria ranking amongst the top countries using bitcoin for transactions and OTC around the world. 

The popularity of bitcoin has led many great Africans to discover new ways to make money for themselves through bitcoin OTC, Futures and spot trading.

One such Young vibrant African is Samuel Joseph, a 32-year-old Nigerian who got featured in Forbes for bringing blockchain education to Africa. 

Samuel Joseph, who is now a blockchain analyst and Hedge Fund manager and founder of one of the first cryptocurrency and blockchain universities in Africa, now manages well over $3 million for Dubai, Nigerian, Australian and Canadian based investors. 

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  • In a recent video update, Samuel Joseph partially showed to the public some amazing trading results of well over $100,000 profits through investors funds traded by his company LightBlocks

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get a dubai visa and apartment with bitcoin

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