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Nigerian fast growing exchange, Naijacrypto joins Celo Alliance and List Celo assets, CELO and Celo Dollars



Nigerian fast growing exchange, Naijacrypto joins Celo Alliance and List Celo assets, CELO and Celo Dollars.
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Naijacrypto Announced on Monday that it has completed the listing of “CELO”, the cryptocurrency that acts as a utility and governance token for the Celo platform. It also listed cUSD (Celo Dollars), a stablecoin built on this platform. 

Celo is an open platform that makes financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone using Celo Dollars as a convenient means of sharing value. This listing goes with Naijacrypto’s vision of aligning with platforms that encourage financial Inclusion in Africa. 

The Celo community has seen their efforts of encouraging adoption of its platform yield fruitful results as Naijacrypto joins an alliance with lots of African partners which include Yellow Card, Coin Payments, Spe Taxi Cab, BitFXT, Bit2Big,BitMama, UABA ,Crypto Savannah, SemiColon Africa, Pan African Network, KotaniPay and Pesabase.

These projects cut across Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Uganda. Some of them have also been beneficiaries of the Celo grant which encourages projects pushing Financial inclusion in Africa.

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Naijacrypto has been fast growing in recent times with the exchange recently announcing a lot of enticing additions that has created a lot of interest in their services. The exchange not only launched a robust futures trading platform, but also gave its partners the opportunity to create hedge tools for their token via its futures platform. This creates an element of stability for massive users and holders of a Utility token. The exchange also Launched a staking program that Demystifies the complexities of cryptocurrency staking for its users.

Naijacrypto also recently launched a cryptocurrency payment gateway that enables vendors and freelancers comfortably accept cryptocurrencies for their goods and services without worrying about the volatility of cryptocurrencies as they have the option of being settled in Fiat while their customer pays in crypto. This service can be found on It’s really not surprising that Naijacrypto listed Celo and cUSD as the financial inclusion goals of both parties align.

Chiagozie Iwu, The CEO of Naijacrypto is quoted as saying “The Celo Listing was a no brainer, we are always aligning with projects who share our vision for the continent and Celo not only shares this vision but has also made significant strides in achieving it. The next step is to make sure there is education and awareness on these services”.

The journey so far for Naijacrypto has been positive and Celo adds to an extensive collection of cryptocurrencies and Tokens available for trading on Naijacrypto.

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