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Nigerian Digital Bank, Kuda Added As P2P Payment Option On Binance



Nigerian Digital Bank, Kuda Added As P2P Payment Option On Binance

Kuda, Nigeria’s first digital-only bank, has become the first registered bank in Nigeria to be added as part of the Binance P2P payment options. Anyone who wishes to buy or sell cryptocurrencies on Binance can do so with a Kuda account. 

To use Kuda Bank as a Payment Option:

  • Go to
  • Under the ‘Fiat’ options, select ‘NGN’
  • Click the drop-down, scroll and select ‘Kuda Bank’
Buying Crypto Assets on Binance with Kuda Bank
Buying Crypto Assets on Binance with Kuda Bank

This latest development shows the Binance initiative to spread its influence in every region in the world. Crypto users can now indirectly use their crypto across a variety of outlets without actually cashing out, thanks to the Web Payment feature on Kuda.

To use the Web Payment Feature:

  • Visit a website that accepts payments through PayStack
  • Select ‘Pay with Bank’ and select ‘Kuda Bank’
  • Type in the phone number linked to your Kuda account. The platform initiates a Pay ID request
  • Open the bank app on your phone and tap ‘Payments’ > ‘Web Payment’
  • On the next screen, tap the ‘Get Pay ID’ button and confirm your identification details as requested and copy the generated Pay ID
  • Go back to the website and past your Pay ID to complete the payment

Kuda Part of Binance Latest Innovations  

Binance is a dynamic platform seizing every opportunity to add more features and functionalities to increase its user base. On the 19th of September, Binance announced the use of its native visa card with the option of 8% cashback on all purchases. Yesterday, the platform announced more features for users using the visa card. 

Users can now enable Auto Top-Up so their card’s balance is refilled daily. In addition, the daily spending limit on the virtual card is now €870. The platform has also eliminated monthly limits so users can now use and spend as much as they want on their visa card.

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