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What metaverse games should you play in 2022 ?



Sand box games

With the advent of metaverse games, the online GameFi has taken a different turn as the Web3 GameFi is slowly taking over the gaming sphere, because it allows for more decentralization and also gives users and players the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency rewards by playing.

Metaverse is owned by the founder and chairman of META, Mark Zuckerberg and it summarily refers to a  system of  three dimensional virtual (3D) world that is focused on giving people freedom to interact  with each other just like in reality.

Video gaming has been a Major in activities that Metaverse is looking to take in which includes Avatars, Virtual Currencies and the loading of virtual items.

 Let’s take a look at three fascinating metaverse games you should check out.


This is an NFTs focused P2E game in the metaverse  that was officially opened in February 2020 and this is a game where players can make their programs, check out other users settings and even exchange their virtual property for cryptocurrency. 

Here users can buy, sell, rent, lease lands, they could also rent out spaces, fields  etc as NFTs using MANA cryptocurrency for in game transaction which uses the Ethereum Blockchain. It uses NFTs and this is to make for a complete sole ownership of lands bought.

Axie Infinity:

 This is perhaps the most popular Metaverse game and it is a Non fungible token based video game that uses Ethereum.  Players collect and mint NFTs which stands for Axoloti – inspired digital pet called Axies( which is monster like ) you could buy, bring-up and train Axies  to fight others Axies or even building for themselves an empire to live in.

 It uses SCP And AXS metaverse cryptocurrency as its token and it is convertible to other currencies. It gives you the freedom to buy, sell and earn whenever you participate in its activities that includes buying new Axies, taking part in the battle adventure. For players to participate in the game they should have at least AXS3.

Sand box:

This was also built on the Ethereum ecosystem and it was made popular by celebrity artists like Snoop Dogg who have held events and owned NFTs collections in the sand box ecosystem. 

This game gives users/players the ability to build, share, monetize, and even trade their virtual assets like land properties and their gaming experience. Players can also for a period of time rent their assets for profit. It gives its users the opportunity to earn as they play. The native token of Sand box is SAND which helps you perform transactions as you play the game. 

Also Sand box has a feature that allows you to create a new game which you could monetize using the Sand box game maker.

These Metaverse games  thus gives you the liberty to interact with the game and also be able to not just earn but also to interact with other gamers for a better gaming experience.


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