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Listing of new and existing tokens/coins on HaggleX wallet.
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To help build and grow the global crypto community, we kicked off our“Listing Service” that allows viable Projects to list their tokens/coins on the HaggleX platform. This would create an opportunity and additional access to unlimited opportunities and exposure to other users and projects tokens/coins, who are interested in listing their Token/Coin.

HaggleX is looking forward to listing tokens/coins that meet but are not limited to the including conditions:
1. Project with a good use case, large community and good team
2. Coins/Tokens with an audited smart contract from an auditing firm
3. Must have been audited by a reputable 3rd party company
4. Whitepaper and status report must be disclosed on time

As stated above, HaggleX is committed to listing both new and existing viable Tokens/Coins with a good team, use cases with a clear road map. If you want your token to be listed on HaggleX wallet, please provide detailed token information below here:

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get a dubai visa and apartment with bitcoin

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