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List of videos connecting Bill Gates To Covid19



On the 30th of April, Covid19 has led the Nigerian Government to announce a forced vaccination program for all Nigerians. This announcement raised questions around the world and particularly Nigeria. The list of videos below links all Bill Gates activities to Corona Virus.

Step 1: How Forced vaccination links to #ID2020, #Event201 #COVID19

Step 2: Digital ID through #id2020 plan

Step 3: link all digital ID to a mobile phone #StoptheNCDCBill

Step 4: Partner with a Witch to get new technology for body mining #StoptheNCDCBill – this one is very creepy

Step 5: turn everyone with chip (ID2020) into a cryptocurrency mining machine: #StoptheNCDCBill

Note: the crypto mining with human beings comes with a registration number of 666 #COVID19 #stoopidsessions

Let me know what you think after watching all the videos above

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