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Libra Association Welcomes Blockchain Capital as its Newest Member



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The Libra Association has extended its membership tag to the famous investment firm. The association is also happy to accept Blockchain Capital as its governance member. This means that the investment company will now participate fully in the project’s decision-making process. The development was confirmed in a press statement released by Libra on Friday.

Bart Stephens, the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the Blockchain Capital, also displayed his satisfaction with the new development, and pledges to support the Libra project in his statement:

“We are honored to join the Libra Association and believe deeply in the mission of creating a more equitable payment system. Leveraging blockchain technology to improve financial access and promote innovation has been at the core of Blockchain Capital’s portfolio strategy.”

The Libra project is expanding

The Libra association is gradually becoming active and resilient in its mission. On Thursday, 17 Sept 2020, the association appointed ex HSBC official, James Emmett, to pioneer the financial innovation initiative. And on Friday, it announced Blockchain Capital as its new governance member.

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The Vice-Chairman of the Libra Association, Dante Disparte, believes that the inclusion of Blockchain Capital as its member will bring more profound industry insight. And also create a dynamic network of supporters, as they work on building a reliable payment system that supports fintech.

About Blockchain Capital

Libra welcomes Blockchain capital

Blockchain Capital is, inarguably, one of the long-standing investment companies in the crypto and blockchain industry. The firm has funded over 80 crypto companies since its inception about seven years ago. Reports have it that the firm currently holds investments in digital currency exchanges, such as Coinbase and Ripple. Due to its renowned network and list of experts, the company has been able to spread its wings for better recognition.

Following the withdrawal of PayPal, Mastercard, and other notable companies from the Libra project last year, a lot of people believed that the association would collapse. However, the reverse is the case, as Libra has vowed to remain strong in its pursuit of better financial services.

According to reports from Cryptopolitan, the association also welcomed three new members and made several appointments. The latest stakeholders include Steve Bunnell as Chief Legal Officer and Sterling Daines as the Chief Compliance Officer.

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