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Leeway Edu Announces the Cancellation of Leeway Public ICO Launch and Burning of 3,500,000 ICO Tokens



Leeway Edu Announces the Cancellation of Leeway Public ICO Launch and Burning of 3,500,000 ICO Tokens
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Leeway Edu is a decentralized blockchain-based, incentivized online business educational platform that offers training courses on how to make money online and achieve financial freedom. 

After series of deliberation and meetings with the development team project,  advisors and investors Leeway Edu is canceling its long-awaited public ICO  which was initially scheduled for October  1st  to November 30th, 2021. 

Leeway token is a  utility token created to power the  Leeway  Ecosystem. The token sale goal is for the development of the leeway ecosystem project.  The public ICO was to be used to raise $2,500,000 for project development.

Since the  Leeway token is a  utility token which means its value will be a  reflection of the project progress an alternative progressive approach has been adopted and hence the cancellation of the  ICO. Initially, 3,500,000  LEWT  were allocated for public  ICO; these tokens have been burnt and will be removed from the total supply of the leeway token. 

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This will further reduce the circulating supply creating more scarcity and with the majority of tokens rested only tokens sold in the private sales will be available for sale.

This would create more value and huge profit for our private sales participants. 

The private sale continues as a  total of 500,000  tokens will be sold in a private sale and the sale will continue until all tokens are completely sold out. 

The  Private  Sale  Round II  token price is  $0.20  and it ends on the  15th  of October 2021.

Private Sale Round III starts on the 16th October – 31st  December 2021 at $0.30. 

For complete  information, please visit:  

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Media  Contact: Leeway Foundation

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Abuja, Nigeria.

[email protected]

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