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Leeway Edu Announces ICO Launch – Incentivised Online Business Education On Blockchain



Leeway Edu Announces ICO Launch - Incentivised Online Business Education On Blockchain

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Leeway Edu is a decentralized blockchain-based, incentivized online business educational platform that offers training courses on how to make money online and achieve financial freedom.

This project is built with Africa in mind. Our goal is to help one million individuals living in Africa learn online money-making skills that will lead them to a path to financial freedom by providing training on how to make money online in the following industry: e-commerce, forex, cryptocurrency network marketing, and social media marketing.

Leeway Token is a BEP20 compatible token with a fixed supply of 10 million tokens which will be used as the fee for wallet transactions in the Leeway Wallet. The token is a fixed and low- circulating-supply asset that is used as incentives to users who sign up on the Leeway Edu Smart Contract Platform.

The creation of Leeway Token $LEWT, a crypto-asset that will be used as incentives on the educational smart contract platform and transaction fees on the Leeway Wallet, creates a way for investors to benefit from price speculation and mass adoption. Important to note is the fact that not only is the Educational project backing this ICO, but other utility projects that will be launched in the Leeway Ecosystem will help maintain a steady demand and limited supply of the Leeway Token.

From the start of this Private sale and the announcement of the ICO Launch, both private and institutional investors have expressed incredible enthusiasm. Leeway Tokens may well grow to become the Bitcoin of Africa. Without a doubt, Leeway Token adds a new paradigm to education and investing.

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Leeway Token is a utility token within the Leeway Ecosystem, this includes the Leeway Edu Smart Contract, Leeway Wallet, Leeway Vote, and Leeway Foundation. As a result of this, there would be an increase in the demand for the token and this will reflect in the price increase. This project creates a level playing field where people of all financial levels can participate.

The Leeway Edu platform is blockchain driven and brings transparency to a new level. Upon achievement of our first milestone of 1 million users, 1 Leeway Token would be valued at over $42 with the potential to get to $500 in 2 years and this value is expected to double every 2 years.

Leeway ICO


Phase 1

(1st – 21st Aug, 2021)

Price: $0.50

Minimum Purchase: $100 

Maximum Purchase: $2,000 

Total tokens: 1,500,000 

Lock Duration: 6 months

Phase 2

(22nd Aug – 10th Sept, 2021)

Price: $0.80

Minimum Purchase: $100 

Maximum Purchase: $1,500 

Total tokens: 1,000,000 

Lock Duration: 4 months

Phase 3

(11th – 30th Sept, 2021)

Price: $1.20

Minimum Purchase: $200 

Maximum Purchase: $1,000 

Total tokens: 800,000

Lock Duration: 1 months

Token left unsold after ICO will be locked and used as staking rewards

Token sale goal is for the development of the Leeway Ecosystem which includes Leeway Edu Smart Contract and the development of a fully decentralized multi-cryptocurrency Leeway Wallet. A full discussion on the Leeway ICO can be viewed in our Whitepaper.

The Leeway Token potential is not based on mere speculation but its features:

  • Limited Supply: The number of Leeway Tokens (LEWT) is limited. LEWT will continuously increase in value by the incentive use of the crypto-smart street and its services.
  • Transaction fee: The Leeway Token will be used for transaction fees in the Leeway wallet and users will enjoy a discount when they pay with LEWT.
  • Charity: Leeway Token will power the full delivery of the Leeway Foundation goal

For complete information, please visit: 

Media Contact:

Leeway Foundation Attn: Media Relations Abuja, Nigeria.


Email: [email protected]

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