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Leeway Announces Token Airdrop for Users



Leeway Announces Token Airdrop for Users

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Leeway Edu is a decentralized blockchain-based, incentivized online business educational platform that offers courses on online money-making skills to help our users achieve financial freedom. Facilitating the mass adoption of cryptocurrency is another reason behind the implementation and development of leeway.

Leeway Edu announced the launch of their airdrop campaign on Twitter. The airdrop campaign was created to grow the community by giving away over 100,000 tokens worth more than $5,000,000 USD. The first airdrop event kicked off today on the July 13, 2021 with over 10,000 LEWT tokens to be given away as rewards for subscribing to LeewayEdu’s social channels.

The initial portion of LeewayEdu’s airdrop campaign will reward users for following a series of outlined steps. These included following LeewayEdu on Twitter, joining the LeewayEdu Telegram channel, joining the LeewayEdu Telegram chat, liking LeewayEdu on Facebook, retweeting a Twitter post, and submitting the user’s BSC address to claim the reward. The first 5,000 users will receive $104 USD worth of LEWT (approximately 2 LEWT). They also received $5.2 USD worth of LEWT (approximately 0.1 LEWT) for each referral. This phase features a limit of 5,000 users the event will be concluded after achieving that.

Optional donation exists for users who cannot afford the minimum purchase fee of $100 at private sale and ICO. They can own some LEWT by sending in little donations less than 0.1BNB and receive the token upon distribution. Phase 1 Airdrop will end on the 31st of July and distribution starts on October 30, 2021.

The commencement of the secondary phase of LeewayEdu’s campaign will be broadcasted to users on the LeewayEdu network. This phase will reward 20,000 community members of LeewayEdu. Users will then need to fill out a Google Form and submit the details of their membership. After completing these steps, users will receive the tokens.

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LeewayEdu is the first blockchain-based educational project in Africa handled 100% by a smart contract. Leeway Token is a BEP20 compatible token with a fixed supply of 10 million tokens which will be used as fee for wallet transactions in the Leeway Wallet. The token is a fixed and low-circulating-supply asset that is used incentives to users who sign up on the Leeway Edu Smart Contract Platform.

For more information please visit LeewayEdu’s official website and Medium.

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