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Lamborghini introduces digital collection stamps guaranteed by a blockchain



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Italian startup Bitstamp has announced a partnership with Lamborghini to manufacture a range of digital stamps bearing the image of the brand’s most luxurious cars.

The uniqueness of each of these digital collection stamps is guaranteed by blockchain technology.

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A collectible digital Lamborghini 

The first digital stamp in this collection is dedicated to the Huracan EVO RWD Spyder, a new model that Lamborghini unveiled earlier in May.  The stamp will be issued in a limited edition and numbered to 20,000 copies.

The intial price for the sale of each stamp is set at 9.99 euros which is 215,325 euros less than the actual model.

‘’Each stamp is a unique digital object, whose history and uniqueness are guaranteed by blockchain technology. The stamp can be bought, collected or resold just like a paper stamp. The collection works in exactly the same way: you can admire it, check its evolution, offer stamps as gifts or resell them,’’ says Lamborghini.

In fact, with the Bitstamps mobile application, users can buy, sell and exchange their digital stamps. Ultimately the startup plans to digitize no less than 29 of Lamborgini’s most famous cars.

The idea of the startup is to create a real market place for these digital stamps and to promote their interest among a wider range of people.

The rise of crypto-collectibles

These digital stamps are one example among many of the scanning of objects or people using the blockchain. Generally designed in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), digital objects of collections are increasingly popular, especially in art.

Indeed, the tokenization of works of art opens up many possibilities for this industry, generally reserved for a certain elite.

Thanks to NFTs, a work of art can thus be divided into many equal parts, the ownership of which can be acquired by anyone without necessarily spending a large sum.

In parallel, the world of sport has also shown interest in this novelty in order to strengthen interaction with fans. In February, Dapper Labs, joined the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

The goal of this partnership is to tokenize the most famous fighters of the UFC and to create a real digital collection space for fans.

The partnership with Lamborghini is a huge one for Bitstamps as they look to become a major player in the blockchain industry.

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