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Lady Tells Her Transition Into Product Management



Princess Akari
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I thought it’d be a good idea to write about my recent career switch. I’m hoping that people who, like me, are looking to get into Product Management or related fields find this useful.

Sometime in September 2019, I was introduced to the idea of being a Product Manager. While I strongly considered making the switch then, it didn’t quite feel like the right time. Fast forward to March 2020, just before the pandemic hit hard, I quit my job as a Corporate Strategy Executive to become a Product Manager. I made the decision to be a Product Manager because it gives you the opportunity to be directly involved in rolling out meaningful products, and there is a high demand for Product Managers in the tech industry today.


My journey began with gathering as much knowledge as I possibly could; I started taking Product-management courses online; I also read a lot of product-related articles, books, journals, and blog posts. There were a whole bunch of things I didn’t really understand at first but the more I kept learning from different sources, the more the dots continued to connect.

I’ve made a list of courses and other learning resources that I’ve found to be quite useful. You’ll find them here. 🙂

Crypto Discussion Group

Connecting with people

In addition to knowledge-hunting, I got some really useful advice and insight into real-world applications of some of the things I was learning. I got answers to many pressing questions from people in my circle — a product manager, a software developer and a product designer.

In a bid to expand my network, I’ve joined quite a handful of online communities for product managers: Product SchoolProduct Manager AfricaWomenTechNetwork and Product Dive where I’ve been able to get guidance from more experienced Product Managers, along with links to learning resources and product events .

Putting it all to work

In April 2020, I was challenged to put my knowledge to work, as I took on a personal project that I hope to share soon. I also got referred to join a team that is building a product in the health tech space, my responsibilities include; UX research and product scoping as well as making sure that stakeholders and the team are aligned on what the product vision and requirements are. I am learning a lot from the hands-on “training” and it feels good putting my knowledge to practice.

Next Steps

While I am currently involved in a side project, I’m still on the lookout for opportunities to collaborate with people and improve my skills. That being said, I am available for entry-level Product Management roles. I am looking forward to sharing more about my experience as I continue this journey, continually improving my skillset and learning as much as I can.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end! Please share your thoughts in the comment section or leave a clap if you found this insightful. 🙂

Also, feel free to connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn. I’m open to discuss interesting ideas amidst other things.

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